Why SparkleBox School

SparkleBox School is the brainchild of highly skilled educators who have had more than 10 years of experience in the education sector. We are the pioneers of revolutionizing homeschooling with innovative brands like AOL School - a complete CBSE online school bringing the physical school experience to screens, and SparkleBox educational kits - an innovative activity-based learning method that makes learning as fun as playing.

The first ingredient of our thought-through educational kits is - Play! Nothing entices a growing child as much as a toy that challenges them to do something. Their minds are curious and hungry to learn. That’s exactly why we have crafted kits and toys that encourage their learning, with play! All the activities in the box stimulate their thinking for possible outcomes that in the process make them learn various concepts. And just like that, Literacy, Numeracy, Art, Dance and many more subjects become ‘handy’ to your child’s learning.

So don't really get them studying,Get Them Playing!