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My daughter, Nehal, was always an Usain Bolt when it came to studying. Running after her with books and what not, was surely not my cup of tea. But now, things are the other way around. With SparkleBox.School, she chases me to play and learn with her. And she’s the one who explains things to me. I just love it!


Radha Narayanan



My corporate job keeps me entangled in so many meetings. One after the other. And as much as I want to spend some real quality time with my son, I realise learning for him is as much important. He’s 5 years old. SparkleBox.School has been such a game-changer for me! I spend some quality time with my son playing and learning both. It makes me feel better and also gives me contentment that yes, my child is learning.

Sonakshi Tiwari

Software Engineer


My daughter is 4.5 years old and I cannot think about giving her any average learning experience. My day is mostly spent doing my office work and so for my wife too. I acknowledge that nurturing a child is both our responsibility, and when it comes to education, I ensure only the best for our daughter. SparkleBox.School has been that element in our family that gives us a great bonding time. I can keep going on about it, but I think it’s only best when parents experience it for themselves. I 100% recommend it!


Sahil Surana