Kindergarten 2 (UKG) Syllabus & Curriculum - SparkleBox School

UKG Syllabus & Curriculum (full year)


  • Reinforcing letter sounds
  • Learn short vowels and word formation.
  • Learning digraphs and long vowels.
  • Learning new words
  • Promoting reading skill
  • Language and vocabulary development


  • Developing spatial judgement
  • Counting and modelling numbers
  • Developing sense of missing numbers
  • Associating numbers with symbols and comparison
  • Basic addition and subtraction
  • Classifying and sorting objects


  • Understanding basic colours theory
  • Developing pincer grip and tactile learning
  • Learning basic colours shading
  • Developing drawing, colouring and printing skills
  • Creating 2D & 3D craft
  • Developing creativity and imagination


  • Developing fitness and flexibility
  • Developing muscle memory
  • Encouraging creative and imaginative movements
  • Learning choreography on various songs
  • Understanding different moves and genres of dancing
  • Explore and control body movements

Getting your kid ready for Kindergarten 2 (KG-2) Syllabus with us!

Parents, it's time to get excited. Your child has just entered the last stage of pre-primary education, and you're so looking forward to seeing their progress from learning their first words to turning into an excellent student! The fact that they are getting promoted to Kindergarten-2 is beyond thrilling. These toddlers will soon turn into little brainiacs with all sorts of new skills! Your days to hover around their heads to ensure continuous learning are almost over! As a parent, it can be hard to accept that your child is growing up way too fast and doesn't need you around much anymore. But the truth of the matter will surprise you: they like having mom and dad in their lives! Spending time with kids is the most important thing a parent can do to help them grow into happy and successful adults. A recent study found that taking just one hour out of each day while helping kids with their Kindergarten-2 syllabus has helped parents build close relationships with their kids! This time with your nippers will have lasting effects on how well-connected your child feels to you in general, along with decreased rates of depression or anxiety among children around five years old! When we are connected emotionally, there's less room left open for stressors.

Finish your kid's UKG Syllabus smoothly with us!

Taking our UKG received; kids willingly sit down with their parents to do these Kindergarten-2 syllabus and fun learning activities together. Why do you think that happens? Well, all thanks to our team, who sat for hours working on the best possible UKG learning program for your child. In this revolutionary new curriculum, we've considered the needs of all learners. The Kindergarten-2 syllabus program includes syllabus for KG-2 students who are just starting their journey as well as more advanced ones! We want to provide a rigorous yet creative KG-2 syllabus education that will engage your child's spirit while also developing critical thinking skills and an understanding across multiple subject areas for this age group specifically--including math, literacy, arts, and dance – whatever UKG syllabus month wise part interests them most!!