Pre Nursery Curriculum & Syllabus - SparkleBox School

Pre-Nursery Curriculum & Syllabus (full year)


  • Developing phonemic awareness
  • Integrating sounds and letters
  • Vocabulary enrichment through stories
  • Picture recognition and Sensorial learning


  • Understanding basic shapes
  • Familiarizing with numbers
  • Recognizing primary colors
  • Learning pre-number concepts

Visual Arts

  • Identifying colours and shapes
  • Developing pincer grip
  • Learning to trace over lines,colouring and printing skills
  • Developing creavitivity and imagination

Skill Development

  • Interactive storytelling sessions
  • Learning action rhymes
  • Understanding words and instructions
  • Developing awareness of self and surroundings.

Pre-Nursery Syllabus by Sparklebox.School is joyful yet educational!

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Get ready for your child's Syllabus for Pre-Nursery Class with us!

Is your child’s preschool pre-nursery syllabus bothering you and your kid? Well, no reason to worry now because we are covering the monthly syllabus for pre-nursery class. Your child will be learning with expertly designed classes to efficiently cover the whole syllabus for pre-nursery class! Our learning curriculum includes every age-appropriate subject and pre-nursery syllabus that are needed to support your little one’s grasp as well as revision of the course. Not just your kids, but you are also going to love our literacy activities for pre-nursery toddlers! Our literacy classes from the complete pre-nursery syllabus guide will include integrating phonemic awareness, sounds and letters. Picture recognition is another core part of the course material. Research has shown that picture recognition, when started with at an early stage, has proven helpful in enhancing a child's memory and vocabulary skills! We'll also explore colors in depth by learning about primary shades! Creative toddlers now have a chance to express themselves with art. The prerecorded dance moves illustrated in this program teach kids how to use movement for expression which means they'll learn new skills while having fun! Don't let it go to waste! Sign up for our learning program and get a head start on your toddler's next adventure.