Nursery Curriculum & Syllabus - SparkleBox School

Nursery Syllabus & Curriculum (full year)


  • Developing phonemic awareness
  • Integrating sounds and letters
  • Tracing uppercase letters
  • Enhancing vocabulary through stories and picture talk
  • Learning action rhymes
  • Learning about surroundings


  • Understanding pre-number concepts
  • Recognizing colors
  • Learning shapes
  • Understanding basic measurements
  • Counting and writing number
  • Understanding basic position


  • Identifying colours
  • Developing pincer grip and tactile learning
  • Learning to trace and colour in one direction
  • Learning basic paper craft
  • Developing skills to use basic art tools
  • Developing creativity and imagination


  • Build memory and dig ideas
  • Explore and control body movements
  • Improve flexibility
  • Develop fitness and creativity
  • Enhancing imagination
  • Develop memory

Stop Stressing Over Your Kid's Nursery Syllabus!

How many times have you found yourself anxious when your child is bored and complaining about it? You are not alone. Many parents often feel their 3-year-old's boredom or frustration, which can lead them towards negative emotions such as anger towards the child for being so cranky all day long! It might seem like there isn't much we adults can do to help alleviate this problem - after all, who has the time in today’s world? Life has become so demanding that you barely get time for yourself, so covering the nursery syllabus of your child is another task in itself. You're constantly on the move, jumping between work and home to meet all of those responsibilities while also having to keep up with your child’s learning! Sometimes it feels like we only have a few minutes to accomplish what we need to achieve. And with all these activities, deadlines, and meetings popping up left, right, and centre - how are you supposed to find time for yourself and for completing your child’s nursery syllabus? Don't you need more time to play and spend quality time with your kids? Wouldn't it be great if you knew how to make the best of this scarce slice that's leftover on a busy day while covering the nursery syllabus for your toddler? Well, you're in luck because we have one absolute nursery curriculum to answer all these questions and apprehensions. So, what is stopping you from getting your hands on this amazing nursery curriculum covering the complete nursery class syllabus? Get back to us now, and we will tell you how this curriculum for nursery class works month wise!

Need a Nursery Curriculum Program? Get the best one!

The goal of our learning program is not only to create an engaging and rewarding experience for the nursery syllabus. But, also to help children develop future skills that will set them apart from peers and friends in their academic career - which we know all too well isn’t easy without these kinds of resources available early on. Your child will be covering all of the essential nursery class syllabus skills for their future success! The ever-thrilling activities of our learning program for the nursery syllabus are designed by field experts that will assist in preparing your child from head to toe for a better and brighter tomorrow! You will be starting with some skills that are universal across the board. Later, you and your little champ will be dealing with more specific ones including advanced literacy along with learning numeracy, arts, and dance skills! Get started for this exciting journey of your toddler with this great curriculum for nursery class month wise.