Kindergarten 1 (LKG) Syllabus & Curriculum - SparkleBox School

LKG Syllabus & Curriculum (full year)


  • Developing phonemic awareness
  • Integrating sounds and letters
  • Tracing upper and lower case letters
  • Learning sight words
  • Enhancing vocabulary through stories and picture talk
  • Promoting independent reading


  • Basic addition
  • Learning and counting
  • Introduction to pre-number concepts
  • Developing colours recognition
  • Learning additional shapes
  • Memorizing numbers

Visual Arts

  • Understanding basic colour theory
  • Developing pincer grip and tactile learning using painting tools
  • Developing drawing, colouring and printing skills
  • Learning basic 2D & 3D paper craft
  • Finding connections with other subjects
  • Developing creativity and imagination


  • Developing fitness and flexibility
  • Developing muscles memory
  • Encouraging creative or imaginative movements
  • Learning Choreography on various songs
  • Understanding different moves and geners of dancing
  • Explore and control body movements

We understand the LKG Syllabus is a huge leap for kids!

Now that your child is about to complete his or her nursery syllabus and will anytime start their LKG syllabus! We know how much time and effort it takes to help your child get through nursery school with top grades, so they could find a smooth entrance into their schooling. It's hours upon hours of hard work! It is perhaps for this reason that, in the end, it is so rewarding to see your child succeed and get on with their lkg student syllabus. Your hard work will be worth it when they're old enough to read, write and do math faster than most kids! But again, this comes with mild stress. Now you might be wondering what new activities to do with your child after they've finished their nursery? Well, to your surprise, the answer is simple - make the experience as positive and exciting for them as possible! Children at this age need something more than just playing with toys to keep their curious minds active. We are sure you can relate; as parents of these munchkins, we all know how difficult it is to find productive yet fun things for our kids! You're tired of the stress, and we understand. We can help you break free from this never-ending cycle with our perfect fun-learning program covering the LKG syllabus!

Best Courses for the Lower KG syllabus!

Learning is a never-ending process. So much information in the lkg student syllabus, yet so little time! This program helps kids learn and develop their skills early on with its innovative modules for the Lower KG syllabus that are engaging for them and us - parents/caregivers who want our children to be successful learners in this fast-paced world we live in today. The LKG syllabus learning program designed with your child in mind is gorgeous for you and your child. They will love this lkg syllabus program, and it's easy enough for them to understand! It is always good to watch them triumphantly win over everything that comes their way. You will be blown away by your child's success when you see how he or she dominates their peer group after finishing this LKG syllabus with us! The lower kg syllabus program goes above and beyond to make sure that kids are well-prepared for any subject they will have to study in school in their KG-1 class syllabus. The LKG syllabus will include exhilarating activities for math, literacy, and creativity skills. Kids can also pursue their interests in art or dance with this LKG curriculum! Sounds great? Then what are you waiting for?!