Why it is important to teach your child the art of public speaking

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Public speaking skill is essential for both kids and adults. It increases public interaction, improves self-esteem, and communication skills.

Public speaking skill is not just about talking with someone. It involves effective communication with speakers to convey ideas understandable to the public. Communication makes public speaking very important because you are making yourself heard while reaching out to other people so they can understand what you mean. Public speaking has grown to be popular all over the world because of its positive effects on different fields of life such as education, business, and more. However, public speaking can also lead to anxiety or even fear that may decrease your performance if not handled properly. Your child''s speech matters a lot!


Benefits of learning Public speaking at an early stage


Here are some reasons to enroll your child in public-speaking classes:

1) It helps them learn about different aspects of reality. Kids have fear and self-doubt when exposed to unfamiliar novel situations. Public speaking can help them inhibit this fear.

2) It enhances confidence in a child. As awkward as public speaking might seem for small kids, it does help them learn that not everyone is a loud, outgoing person. They learn that public speaking should not be feared and will help them develop confidence in public speaking skills as they get older.

3) It helps them have a better understanding of the concepts . In addition to public speaking, your child can also join the debate team at their school or even start a public-speaking club with friends! As long as public speaking is part of it, it''s all good.


4) Public speaking improves leadership skills. Kids can become confident and natural speakers and orators without fear and inhibitions of public speaking if they are trained at a young age. 

5) It helps their social life. Speaking confidently in front of a crowd gives your kid a sense of pride and boosts their self-esteem. This helps kids to develop the persuasive skills that are imperative to convince people.

6) It Improves your kid’s listening and speaking skills. Ask them to narrate a story or their favorite to you.This will help them to speak fluently impromptu and grind their observational skills as well.


How to teach your kids the Public speaking skills

To start public speaking skills, you need to know what public speaking is and isn''t. A public speaker is someone who speaks in front of a group of people. When teaching public speaking to your kids, don''t make it sound like they are on the verge of walking up to the podium and giving a keynote speech. That would be frightening!

Instead, give them small opportunities such as talking about their favorite movie or telling the family about an incident that happened in school that day. Another way of making public speaking fun for your children is by having them read out loud from a book or newspaper article - just be careful with this one because some books have very long and difficult words for children who aren''t familiar with reading yet!

Another way to enhance your kids public speaking skills is by having them tell the story of their day to you. Some kids are very good public speakers, but are hesitant to speak in public because they are afraid that what they will say isn''t ''right''. If this is the case with your child, start practicing public speaking at home.


It is important to teach kids the art of storytelling. At first they might feel nervous or anxious but it is important to make them understand the ability of perseverance. Becoming an excellent public speaker will not happen overnight but  regular practice will definitely enhance the speaking skills. Ensure that your child is confident enough to express himself/herself  in public.

When you present opportunities to your child to speak publicly, remember that public speaking can be done anywhere! There are opportunities for public speaking right in our homes every single day. Motivate your child to speak by asking him or her to share personal stories at the dinner table, talk about their day at school, or explain their thoughts on current events.




If you are trying to practice public speaking with your child, consider getting them involved with public speaking contests for kids. You may have to travel around town just a little bit, but it will be worth it in the long run! Remember that being able to publicly speak isn''t something they learn overnight. It takes lots of practice and patience from the whole family. A little public speaking goes a long way!

Start practicing public speaking immediately with your children if you want them to eventually be successful public speakers. Practice public speaking is never ''too early'' so start today.

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