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Have you ever wondered what the best way to get your child ready for school is? There are many different opinions on this topic. Some say that it''s important to have breakfast, others think that packing their lunch is more important, and some believe getting them dressed first thing in the morning will help them feel prepared. But there is no correct answer. It all depends on each family''s needs and preferences. Read below for ten tips to make your child getting ready for school!


Top 10 tips to make children getting ready for school


Following are the top 10 tips to make your child getting ready for school:

Tip 1: Start the morning early

This is one of the great tips to make children getting ready for school. Children should get ready for school on time as it''s essential to reach school early and not be late. Start early, if possible, wake them up 30 minutes earlier than usual so you can start on your mornings routine without rushing through it!

Tip 2: Give them a list of what they need to bring with them in the morning

Have your child write down all the things they are going to need for school. This includes homework, books, and sports equipment if required. Have them put this on their bed or somewhere where it will be seen when they wake up to know what needs to be brought before leaving home.

Tip 3: Let your child pick out their clothes before getting ready


You have probably encountered many mornings where you had to rush around because someone wasn''t dressed yet. So instead of making yourself crazy, why not just let him choose? You never know; maybe he has some hidden fashion sense! Then again, he might want to wear his paisley pyjama pants; at least you know what he is wearing!

Tip 4: Have them eat breakfast before leaving the house

I''m sure this was probably a given, but it can be surprising how many kids leave school without eating anything. I had to give my child dry cereal on his way out because that was all he would eat, even if we were running late and there wasn''t time for him to sit down calmly with toast or an egg. Now I do not mind giving him his favourite snack as long as he eats something besides having no energy throughout the day. Instead, try asking your kid about their menu choices the night before to prepare them in case there is a rushed morning.

Tip 5: Prepare the night before

Prepare everything she needs to bring for school and send it in a bag, like her clothes or uniform. This will make your morning more accessible and faster. Also, it could be a great way to reinforce the items that need to go into her backpack. This is an excellent way of getting ready for school in time. One of the worst feelings as a parent can be rushing around getting everyone dressed, fed, and out the door, only having forgotten one child''s lunch box or backpack. You don''t want them eating junk food from other students because they forget it at home.

Tip 6: Send in a bag


If your child is having difficulty getting ready, ask them what they can do themselves and encourage independence as much as possible. This will speed up the process and help you feel less frustrated at such an early hour! If things are still feeling rushed or chaotic, try moving some of their morning activities away from needing so much assistance later on down the road.

Tip 7: Encourage independence

Be patient with kids when it comes time to get dressed for school if your children struggle with dressing themselves quickly enough before heading out the door. You might want to ensure that all of your clothes match because ironing midday seems like a daunting task.

Tip 8: Teach your kids to iron their school uniforms

Ironing seems like a more difficult task than it is. A great way to teach kids how to iron their clothes before getting ready for school properly would be letting them watch you do so while explaining each step along the way.

Tip 9: Teach your kids to complete all pre-school tasks in time

Kids might not be able to get ready promptly before school starts because there are other things that they need to finish first. Kids need to focus on completing each task rather than trying to rush through it all at once.

Tip 10: Checking school diary of children

Always check your kid''s school diary a day before school so that if your children forget to tell you any critical school notice, then you can take corrective action. So, if you come across any such events, you can talk with your kids and get done the tasks given in notice before your child gets ready for school.




Our top 10 tips to make your child getting ready for school will help you make the morning routine a little smoother. Whether it''s making sure they have everything in their backpack or setting up a new alarm clock, these ideas should be helpful to any parent with a preteen at home! 

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