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It''s not just about teaching kids how to speak English. Teachers need to be able to teach kids the language and know the tricks for doing so. In this blog post, we will discuss some myths that teachers often tell their students as they are learning English.



List of myths English That Teachers Tell Students

Myth: Fluent speakers don''t make mistakes: 

Everyone makes mistakes, even the most fluent speakers of English. It''s okay to make a mistake or two while speaking in English because it will help you learn the language better and faster.

Myth: teachers always teach kids that they don''t need to speak English if no one understands their accent

You might get away with not speaking English in places where you know everyone, but once you venture out into the world with your friends or colleagues who don''t understand your accent, it''ll become difficult.

Myth: I have to correct every mistake I hear


It''s okay if someone makes a few mistakes while they are talking in English because most people tend to get nervous when they are speaking in a different language.

Myth: Most teachers teach kids that Speaking English means they have to speak fast. 

There is no rule that says if you don''t talk fast, it''s not English and if you do talk quickly, it''s correct English. You can pronounce every word clearly regardless of how slowly or quickly you decide to say them; as long as you understand each other, that''s all that matters.

Myth: most teachers teach kids that they need to know every single grammar rule

There are so many rules in the English language and it can be difficult for a student who is just learning to remember everything they''ve learned when taking an exam or trying to speak with someone else. The best way to learn how to speak English is to practice and not be afraid of making mistakes.

Myth: I will learn English when I get better at speaking


There''s no doubt that you''ll understand more if you can speak well but this isn''t always the case. If your teacher speaks too fast, there won''t ever be a good time for you to ask them to repeat themselves or speak slower. If you are still struggling, there is no reason for your teacher to slow down!

Myth: I can''t be good at English if I''m not the best student in the class

There is so much pressure on kids who think they have to out-perform everyone else in order to succeed. It''s okay if you still need to work on it. You''ll be better than many other kids who just think they''re good enough already, so don''t worry about how well your classmates are doing!

Myth: I can only learn English by studying grammar: 

It might help you understand the rules of language but to teach kids only grammar won''t necessarily make them a good English speaker. Instead, you should focus on actively practicing speaking and listening to the language in order to get better at it!

Myth: Only people who are really smart can learn another language: 

Anyone is capable of teaching English to kids as well as its easy learning a new language - teachers included. You just have been willing to work hard enough for it. If you want to become fluent in English, you just need to put some time into it.

Myth: I can''t learn a language if I don''t know the words: 

Teach kids about the English language is about more than vocabulary; instead of thinking of new vocabulary as an obstacle blocking your path to fluency, think instead about how much easier learning will be once you''ve mastered it.

Myth: They don''t need a teacher if they use technology for teaching themselves English 


Using online tools and websites for teaching kids the language is great, but they don''t replace a human teacher. They can help you understand grammar and pronunciation better than programs alone - try out some of our favorite online learning tools here.

Myth: if you teach kids, they need more structure if they want to remember what they are studying: 

A study by researchers at Michigan State University found that students who attended more impromptu lessons with their teacher, which weren''t planned in advance, were better able to recall what they had learned.




You may have been told that teaching kids English is difficult. Maybe you’ve heard it takes years to learn, teach kids or maybe you’ve even been there yourself and found it tough going at first. The truth of the matter is that while English does present challenges for learners from other languages, with enough time and effort anyone can master this beautiful language! We want to help your kid’s study process be more enjoyable by stripping away some myths about learning English as well as providing tips on how to improve your pronunciation. Let us know if we can be of any assistance in helping you reach fluency faster than ever before, or if you want to know how to teach kids English- after all, our mission is to equip every student with the tools they need for success!

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