Top Bedtime Stories for Kids: How To Make Them Fun?

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Bedtime stories are a longstanding tradition for parents to share with their kids. The bedtime story is the perfect time for parents to bond with their children and offer them some of life''s wisdom. But bedtime stories can be pretty boring, so how do you know which bedtime stories are worth reading? We''ve compiled a list of our top bedtime stories for kids!


Top 7 bedtime stories for kids!


Bedtime stories are super fun and helpful. Research has found that stories help children to learn how to connect sounds and letters. Bedtime stories for kids also help them gain an understanding of the world around them.

Here''s our list of top bedtime stories for kids that will keep them engaged until they fall asleep.

1. SkipJack                   

Starting off our list of great bedtime stories for kids is SkipJack, a book that teaches trustworthiness. It shows what happens when you break promises and play games with someone else''s feelings. The illustrations are stunning, which makes it easy for little ones to follow along while you''re reading this bedtime story out loud. There is always humour mixed throughout this book, so children will laugh while you read it.

2. The Princess and the Pea

This bedtime story is a twist on the classic fairy tale of The Princess and the Pea by Hans Christian Andersen. In this bedtime story, instead of using a pea to test if she''s worthy for her prince, a princess uses 100 mattresses! It also has excellent illustrations that make reading more fun for parents and children alike! Make sure to get some audible books because they have excellent narrators who can put in different voices depending upon which character is talking throughout this bedtime storybook.

3. The Three Little Pigs

This bedtime story is about three little pigs that go out into the world looking for their own house. However, unlike the original version where they all build homes of straw/wood/brick, these little piggies decide to make their own house with different materials such as cotton candy and ice cream cones, making it fun and interesting to read. The best part? This book even teaches kids how to write so that they can create their own bedtime stories.

4. Pop! The Tale of Peter Rabbit

Peter Rabbit is everyone''s favourite character, and this bedtime story brings out his personality with words like ''squeaked'' instead of said to make it fun for kids while also making them giggle. This bedtime story will keep your child interested in what happens next, mainly if you act the parts out by doing different voices or even use hand puppets (if available). It makes reading time so enjoyable because various activities are included, such as finding all the vegetables Peter picks throughout the book, which helps develop children''s counting skills, memory recall, following directions, etc.

5. Goodnight Moon

This bedtime story is one that most parents have heard of, but it works well because of the repetition. Each page says ''goodnight'' in a different way which is perfect for bedtime. There are also many great pictures to look at while reading, so there''s no need to use your imagination when reading this bedtime story to kids.

6. Goldilocks and The Three Bears

This bedtime story uses simple words with few pages, making it easy for young children to understand what''s happening in each scene by looking at the illustrations alone without being too complicated. They would get bored halfway through reading it or not be able to follow along easily. It tells about Goldilocks breaking into three bears'' homes who weren''t around during her visit; she then tries all their food, sits in their chairs, and sleeps on all three bears beds until she falls ill and is found by the three bears who come home to discover her there.

7. All Around Us

This bedtime story is about a girl who has so much to say to help her friends sleep. It''s full of different sounds and textures that will make children turn each page with wonder! This bedtime story also helps parents when they''re trying to teach their children how the Earthworks because it goes through all the layers - starting from land, then the ocean, then sky!


How to make bedtime stories for kids fun and engaging?


Bedtime stories are significant for both young children and babies. Not only do bedtime stories help them fall asleep, but they also stimulate their imaginations and build vocabulary that will be used in school. Making bedtime stories for kids to be fun is very simple when you know how to do it properly. You just need to put in a little bit of effort into making the bedtime story exciting and engaging enough so that they want to hear more! There are many things you can do, such as:

  • Reading the bedtime stories to kids under the stars while gazing at them.
  • Reading them while camping in the backyard
  • Inviting the child''s friends over for a sleepover and reading the story to all of them.
  • Making your voice change based on the characters or their emotions in the bedtime stories
  • Asking them questions related to what they have understood from reading the bedtime stories- asking them what they think will happen next in order to keep them engaged.


Final thoughts


Bedtime is an excellent way for parents to bond with their children while learning more about them. It''s also another opportunity for parents to teach life lessons to help their kids grow into responsible adults one day. We hope this list has helped you narrow down your search on which bedtime stories are worth reading! 

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