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Top 5 Skills That Online Education Teaches Nursery School Kids

If you are a new parent, you must be wondering if a nursery school is actually necessary for a toddler? After all, why does a child that small need education? I had the same question a few years ago.

We human beings experience the most rapid brain development till the age of 3. During this time, our brain rapidly registers and learns all new information and sensations. According to Harvard University,

In the first few years of life, more than 1 million new neural connections form every second.

nursery school is ideal for early brain development

The activity makes it one of the most crucial periods in a child's life. Since it's an ideal time for physical, emotional, and cognitive growth and development, it's best to open all avenues that facilitate this kind of growth in children. Although parents provide the first most important connections to a child, they shouldn't be the only ones. This is where nursery becomes an essential factor. A nursery school provides a child very different relationships and growth opportunities than he gets at home for optimum brain growth and development.

Skills That Online Education Teaches Nursery School Kids.

 parents with a child in online nursery school


The nursery school years, aka, 2-3 year old, is the optimal period for language and vocabulary development. Alphabets and word associations are one of the primary things a child will learn in online nursery education. However, what sets a nursery apart from a book are the live interactions between the teacher and the other students. This back and forth talking teaches a toddler a wide range of new words and solidifies the understanding of the previous word they knew. After all, practice makes perfect, and what's a better approach for learning vocabulary than talking to other people.


Numbers are the founding blocks of understanding the majority of subjects in the future. It's one of the two primary subjects that is taught in nursery school. Numbers are taught in a playful way through games and activities, creating an instant interest among the kids. Can your kid learn all these independently or with the help of a tutor? Absolutely. But learning with other similarly aged kids ensures that they retain the interest throughout the year. Nursery teachers also know more games than us parents and are better equipped two know which activity is better for learning a particular topic.


Before nursery school, the only communication a child has is with his family and neighbors. But a school environment introduces them to a whole new range of relationships — teachers and other kids. They learn how different a conversation is depending on who you are talking to. Other skills they learn include: responding to their names, answering various questions, playing and interacting with friends, helping others, sharing toys, asking teachers questions, and much more. We know that social communication is very much necessary to succeed in school and a future career, and a nursery for kids builds a strong foundation for it.

Develops Creativity

Nursery schools offer excellent avenues to develop your child's creativity. From art and crafts to physical activities, the range of activities for nursery kids are designed to keep the kids engaged and happy. Activities, especially drawing, painting and crafting, are essential in cultivating self-expression and decision-making skills. It's a time in a child's life where they have plenty of time and space to play till their little hearts' content. There are also regular plays that are organized by the teachers. These plays utilize children's superior imagination and creativity.

Time Management and Schedules

Nursery school gives kids the first taste of a consistent routine. Before this, the child has the whole day to do whatever they want and has no sense of time. But schools, even online ones, maintain a regular schedule. An online nursery school makes a kid familiar with attending timed classes within the comfort of their homes, preparing them for future school timings. If a child doesn't have any experience with a consistent routine before getting admitted to physical kindergartens and elementary schools, they are much more likely to get overwhelmed. Activities in nursery also teaches kids that classes are for learning and breaks are for eating.

What Is The Ideal Time For Nursery Admission?

Now that we know that nursery education is essential for a child's growth and development, you must be wondering what the ideal age for nursery admission is? Most nursery schools only admit kids older than two years. The best age to start nursery school is between 2 to 3 years. During this age, a toddler is cooperative enough to follow instructions yet curious enough to want to learn everything. And if you worry about sending your little one off so young, don't worry. That's why we recommend nursery online education. So sit back and watch your child go through their nursery education while being close to you.

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