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Winter activities for kids can be tricky if you don''t know what to do. There are so many activities for kids that won''t fail to impress as we want your children to have a winter they''ll never forget! In this blog post, we''ve put together a list of the top 13 activities for kids during the winter months which are enjoyable for both kids and adults! We hope you enjoy our recommendations!


Exciting winter activities for kids


Winter is a particular season that gets everyone excited, and there are activities for kids to keep them busy during the cold months. Here is our list of activities that adults, as well as children, will love!

1. Sledging

Everyone loves sledging; it''s a fun activity suitable for all ages with different types of sledges available such as plastic or inflatable ones, which can accommodate more than one child at once, making this an enjoyable family experience. Sledging gets your adrenalin going, so why not do it in a nearby forest where you have lots of space to enjoy this thrilling winter sport?

2. Rollerblading

If you don''t mind being out on the ice, these activities are great fun whilst getting active. Rollerblading is an activity that one can do with friends and family, and it''s a great way to spend some time together whilst not having to brave the cold. Rollerblading isn''t dangerous as long as you are sensible with your speed and the pathway you choose.

3. Ice skating


Another activity one can do with friends or family isice-skating. Ice-skating moves are becoming popular now in some indoor shopping malls where people can come along, strap on a pair of skates and have fun gliding around an indoor rink whilst getting their heart rate up too! So if it''s raining outside but still cold, then this might be the perfect alternative for your kids who want to get out there during winter time doing something active. They will enjoy spending time together at these activities, too, so they won''t feel like they''re missing out even if it''s not warm outside yet.

4. Snowball fights

Who doesn''t love snowball fights? They''re always good fun for kids, whatever their age or size, even if they get completely soaked! Snowballs are cheap and easy to make too, which makes them ideal activities during winter. Plus, there''s no need for a heavy outlay on equipment since all you need is snow! Just remember gloves and hats if we know what we''re talking about here at Experience Days!

5. Skiing

Ski lessons can be costly but buying ski gear isn''t necessary, especially getting second-hand stuff. Skiing is great fun and a perfect activity for the whole family to enjoy together! Skiing is said to be one of the best activities for kids as they burn calories, making it a great activity to do in winter while enjoying lots of Christmas feasts!

6. Making snowmen/women

It doesn''t matter whether your little one loves making snowmen or not; it''s bound to be interesting on some level because who knows what they''ll end up creating? Plus, nothing beats having snowball fights with your creations, which are more often than not bigger versions of yourself!

7. Building igloos/snow castles

This may require an area where there''s enough room, but activities like these don''t have to cost anything, so take advantage while you still can! You never know how big their first creation will turn out until they start building, but whatever happens, hopefully, it''ll end up being fun for everyone involved.

8. Snowboarding

Whether you''re an old hand or a complete beginner, if the weather and conditions are correct, then there''s nothing like whizzing down a snowy mountainside with your friends. It doesn''t matter how many times it takes to get the hang of things as long as everyone involved has fun in the process! Snowboarding is a popular sport and is globally loved! This is one of the most favourite activities for kids, we honestly say!

9. Frozen Campfires & Hot Chocolate

There''s nothing like sitting around in front of an open fire on a cold night. You can even make your campfire (if you know what you''re doing !) and sit around it in your winter gear. You''ll be toasty warm, and you can even make some hot chocolate or coffee.

10. Don''t Be Afraid to Get Messy.

Kids won''t say no to activities that get them messy. Jumping in the snow is always an option - watch out for any icicles hanging down from roofs and branches before they do so! You can also consider making your ice sculpture together if there''s enough space around the house (remember to let it thaw before anyone uses it).

11. Paint The Snow

Kids will love using the snowy floors as their canvases! Painting the snow grounds will help them improve their creativity and also entertain them. It''s pretty easy to do because all you need are bottles full of water and two or three drops of liquid gel food colouring. Then adjust the nozzle flow to spray lines tighter or a mist wider. Your children can paint freehand as well, and they''ll love getting paint on their hands!

12. Treasure Hunt

Having a treasure hunt activity during winter is a game changer! You can give the children a list of items that they can find among the snow, such as berries, pinecones, feathers, etc. If you have two or more kids, you can also conduct a healthy competition and reward the winner! It''s truly a challenging and adventurous game! 

13. Snow Tic Tac Toe

Tic tac toe is an exciting game because though it looks simple, it''s super challenging! What if we say your child can enjoy this battle on snow? Playing tic tac toe on snow with a friend or sibling will keep the children focused and entertained. It''s super easy to play just using a stick or their hand (make sure the gloves are on). 


Final thought


All the activities mentioned above for kids will bring a lot of smiles to your child''s face. Doing fun activities together helps you beat the cold outside and increase the warmth in your relationship with your child. If you have any activities in mind that we left out, be sure to share your ideas with us. Happy Winter!

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