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Activities for Toddlers at Home


What are some ways you engage with your child when they're feeling restless? Becoming a parent is one of the most challenging and rewarding things you'll ever do. It's also full of surprises, like what it takes to keep your little one entertained at home in between doctor appointments or grocery shopping trips. Luckily for parents everywhere, there are plenty of activities for toddlers that can be done with minimal prep time and almost no cost! From arts and crafts projects to DIY games, we've compiled some great ideas from around the web, so you never have an excuse not to entertain your toddler again.

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10 best activities for toddlers to do at home

1. Play Pretend

Pretending is an integral part of childhood development, and toddlers need to develop a sense of self from an early age. Playing 'house' or 'mommy and me' is an excellent way for your little one to start practising self-control, independence, and empathy. With pretend play, you can teach the basics of taking care of others and demonstrate how to maintain social relationships in an enjoyable setting.

2. Build a Fort

Add some fun props to your playtime for even more benefit! One of the best things you can do as a parent is encourage this type of imaginary play with objects in your home or around town and build a creative, exciting fort with your child.

3. Do crafts and activities for toddlers with them

One of the best ways to create pretend play for your children is to get a little creative with some household items, let their imagination run wild. At around two years old, toddlers tend to have increased curiosity about everything around them. Their dreams are beginning to blossom, and they'll love taking part in these craft activities for toddlers.

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4. Sorting and categorizing is one of the best activities for toddlers

Another great way to encourage pretend to play with your children, even as young as two years old, is by sorting and categorizing things they find around the house. You can sort objects into piles of similar items or put them in a container and encourage them to go looking for things that belong in each category.

5. Playdough Activities for Toddlers

It's never too early to start getting your toddler into art activities! While the concept of playdough might be a little bit intimidating when they first try it, it's an excellent way for your child to practice moving their fingers and getting creative.

6. Reading activities for Toddlers

Toddler storytime is always fun - even when it doesn't involve reading actual books! You can read interesting facts about animals or teach your toddler how to interpret the pictures on the page. You can even take the time to learn a fun knock-knock joke for your little one.

7. Block Play for Toddlers

Blowing bubbles is always a fun activity, but you can make it more challenging by having your toddler try to catch them in different cups around the house or outside.

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8. Drawing for toddlers at home

If you're concerned about the mess (and it can get pretty messy), grab some coloured index cards from the dollar store and cut them into smaller pieces. That way, you can throw them away when done! Doodle on a few sheets of paper together, or let your toddler try scribbling independently!

9. Hide-and-Seek for Toddlers

Your toddler will love finding you throughout the house! You can do this activity sitting on a couch, standing in the middle of a room, or even hiding outside. This really gets your toddler excited because you disappear, and they don't know where you are! (Keep it up until your toddler is tired of looking for you or when the game starts taking too long!)

10. Art Table for Toddlers

Set up an art table with a few different art supplies, such as poster board, crayons, markers, paint, paintbrushes, stickers, collage material (paper and fabric), a stapler, glue sticks, etc. Your toddler will have an art table for constructing! Have your little one make their favourite things, such as a car or truck.

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Benefits of activities for toddlers

  1. It enables you to make the most of your time with your toddler, One on One!
  2. It provides activities for toddlers that will keep them involved and occupied.
  3. It's a great way to learn through play with your toddler!
  4. It's the best way for parents and toddlers to spend some quality time together.
  5. It provides an opportunity for you to share your interests with your toddler in ways that are meaningful and manageable (especially if you have a very young baby.)
  6. Activities for toddlers  help  to develop your toddler's language skills and fine motor skills.
  7. It is a way to strengthen the parent/child bond.
  8. Activities for toddlers can provide relief from stress, anxiety, depression and boredom!


There are many ways to interact with your toddler at home. One of the best things you can do is spend time playing and talking with them, but there are other activities that toddlers enjoy. These include colouring, painting, building legos or blocks, taking a walk outside in nature (depending on the weather), reading books about animals together, cooking something new for dinner (or baking cookies!), listening to music together - anything that stimulates their imagination! If you have any questions about what would be appropriate or not for your child's age group, please don't hesitate to ask us here. We're always happy to help parents find more fun and creative ways to play with their little ones while also spending quality time alone. I hope you liked reading the article. Happy parenting!

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