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How to Be a Strict Parent Without Being Too Grumpy

Many strict parents are strict for the sake of being authoritarian. They have a strict set of rules that they feel everyone should follow and don't care if it makes people unhappy or frustrated. On the other hand, some strict parents want to be challenging but also maintain a happy household. This blog post will explore ways to be rigorous without being grumpy - which is what all kids need!

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8 ways to be a strict parent but not mean

Being a strict parent isn't wrong. In fact, research has shown that strict parenting can lead to more successful and happier kids. However, strict parents sometimes get a bad rap for being mean or having strict rules that make life difficult for family members. Here is how you can be a strict parent without making your child feel like they're walking on eggshells.

1. Be clear about the consequences of misbehaviour.

When you're strict with your child, it helps to be explicit about the consequences of misbehaviour. For example, let's say that your four-year-old is rude and doesn't listen when you tell them not to touch something. If he feels it anyway and breaks a toy in half, they need to know what will happen next to be clear about what is expected of them.

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2. Give praise for good behaviour

Another way to be strict without being grumpy is by giving your child plenty of positive feedback when they behave well. If they listen closely to you and do everything you ask, it's important to ensure your child knows how much you appreciate their cooperation.

3. Don't lose your temper with strictness.

It's important not to become too strict when you are parenting because that might make them feel like they always have to do what you say, even if it goes against what they want to do. If this is the case, then strict behaviour will only lead to power struggles where neither of you get along well together and become unhappy. Make sure that there is room for compromise in your household so that your child feels free enough to be themselves around their parents while still being respectful at the same time. Being strict without being grumpy can go a long way toward making life easier for everyone involved!

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4. Never compare your child.

Being a strict parent does not mean you can correct them by comparing. Comparing your child to another child will only make them feel worse about themselves. Studies have shown that children compared to their siblings were much more likely to have issues with self-esteem and confidence. So make sure that you never reach your child, even if it is unintentional.

5. Don't try strictness with a toddler but wait until they are at least six years old.

It may be hard for you to believe, but toddlers cannot truly understand strict behaviour such as time-outs or loss of privileges. It's best not to use these methods on your child before age six because their brains aren't fully developed yet and therefore cannot process why they should behave in specific ways like older children can do.

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6. Avoid being too strict on them during family time.

You want your children to feel like there is some semblance of equality, so avoid acting strict when spending quality family time together. This can go a long way toward making life better and more accessible all around while also giving them their much-needed allowance of freedom which serves as an excellent teaching moment without causing problems.

7. Being strict is not the same as being overbearing.

Don't let your strictness bleed into everything you do with them, especially activities that are supposed to be fun and relaxing for everyone involved. This is a great time to show some leniency by letting certain things go or lightening up on your rules just slightly so they have more freedom within reason, which can help boost their self-esteem without hurting anyone in the process, including yourself.

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8. Do not yell at your child in front of their friends.

It's essential to be strict without letting it show in front of friends and other acquaintances. This can make your child feel embarrassed or ashamed, which is the opposite effect you're going for when you discipline them in private. You want to keep strictness out of public view because their friends will see that behaviour at home if they know what goes down behind closed doors, especially since children generally love telling things like this to others even though they shouldn't do so. They may not understand why something is considered inappropriate but continue doing it anyway cause everyone else does too much these days!

avoid acting strict when spending quality family time together

Final thoughts

Even if you are strict, it doesn't necessarily mean they will become well-behaved in the end. If this happens, then more strict parenting methods may need to be used, or perhaps a different approach altogether should be taken into consideration before things get out of hand for good! We hope the ways mentioned earlier helped you differentiate how to be a strict parent and not a mean parent. Happy parenting.

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