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How to keep my child entertained during a pandemic

It is not easy to keep your child entertained during a pandemic. If you are stuck inside for days, weeks, or months on end, it can be exhausting trying to come up with new activities every day. Children of all ages need time to play and explore their world to develop skills such as creativity and self-control that will help them succeed in school and life long after the pandemic is over. As parents, we often underestimate how much children need this time just for themselves because we have so many other responsibilities. Here are some kids activities at home ideas for you and your kids!

entertained child during pandemic

Eight engaging kids activities at home during the pandemic

entertained child during pandemic

1. Art kids activities at home

Make art supplies easily accessible so that if your child gets bored with a project, she can start something new without anyone's help. Art projects are excellent because they keep kids occupied for hours and do not require much adult supervision. You can also check out some of my easy-to-make DIY crafts to keep your kid busy during the pandemic!

2. Play board games

Board Games are not only fun but also teach kids to make decisions and strategize. If your child is busy playing a board game that they get bored of, suggest another one but watch out not to increase their stress level because it might worsen the symptoms of pandemic!

3. Legos or puppet show kids activities at home

If you have some old lego or other kids' toys lying around, you can put them to good use now. Just find out what their favourite toy is and help them build a world of imagination that will take your kid's attention away from the pandemic.

4. Sing songs

The sound of your voice singing a song to your child will put their stress level down. If you have kids' music CDs, play them as well!

5. Cook something together

Cooking is an ideal activity for the pandemic period because it involves all five senses. Once you play with food, taste it, touch it, smell it and hear the sound of food cooking, Cooking together will focus your kid's mind on something other than worries.

6. Go swimming or visit a pool

Cool water is another way to cheer your child up during a pandemic. They will not care so much about the troubles in the world as long as they are having fun.

7. Put on a play

Play is another great way to cheer your child up when they are feeling down. Let them act out different scenes, make it comical, and see who can come up with the hilarious storyline!

8. Read a story together

Reading is an excellent way to pass the time for children because they can visualize the characters they are reading about. For instance, a story about pandas that want to be the best martial artists in town might do the trick! Pick a story that will make your child laugh and smile.

Five parenting tips for handling kids activities at home during the pandemic

entertained child during pandemic

1. Keep your child's routine the same

One of the best ways to help your kids feel more secure is to keep their daily routine as similar to normal as possible. Your children will recognize what situations work and with less stress when they can stick with what is familiar. Routine lets them know that you are there to help them get through a problem whenever there is a problem.

2. Keep things light

Reminding your child that you remain strong and safe will be a huge source of comfort for them when there is an emergency or even when the flu hits hard at school, and they are worried about coming home to find you sick. They will be much more likely to feel well protected if they think that you will take good care of them. It is best to reassure them often, so it gets into their head that they do not have anything to worry about since you are there for them all the time.

3. Ease their stress by laughing

Laughing and playing games together will give your children a chance to forget about the bad things happening in their lives. You can make them laugh by telling jokes, playing games and watching funny movies. Laughing is a great way to distract yourself from worries, and it will do great wonders for your children too. It is best to tell some hilarious stories that they can relate to and will be able to laugh at.

4. Bring them outside and play with them

It is best to bring your children outside for some fresh air instead of confining them in their rooms all day. Getting out into the sun will help relieve stress, especially if you are indoors most of the time during pandemics. Playing games such as tag or hide and seek will keep your child busy and entertained. It will also do you good to be active instead of sitting around all day watching the news.

5. Have a movie night

If your child already has flu-like symptoms, try and keep them away from movies that are too scary. If they can handle it, then, by all means, watch whatever interests them. A movie night can be a great way to distract your child from the fact that they are sick and give you some time alone to relax with them. Just make sure they get plenty of rest and do not spend too much time watching television or playing electronic games.


 entertained child during pandemic

It can be a challenge to keep your child entertained with some kids activities at home during a pandemic. But, it's crucial that they stay busy with these kids activities at home and not think about the dangers of the disease as it spreads across town. Here are some suggestions for how you can help them cope with what could feel like an endless quarantine situation while staying healthy at all times. If you need any other advice or have specific questions about these kids activities at home, please do not hesitate to refer to the parenting tips blogs. We want everyone to be prepared for whatever may come our way in 2021 and beyond.

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