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Summer is almost here. It''s time to get out the lawn chairs, pack up some snacks, and head outside to enjoy the sunshine! Outdoor activities are an excellent way for kids to stay active during the summer months. In this blog post, we will explore ten of our favourite outdoor activities for kids that they can do in your backyard or around your neighbourhood.


Top 15 outdoor activities for kids


Following are the top 15 outdoor activities for kids:

Activity 1: Hikin'' Jim''s tips

Hikin'' Jim''s tips are a fun and easy way for kids to get some exercise outdoors. Just strap on the sturdy rubber harness, grab onto the handlebars, and away they go! The durable swivel front wheel makes it super simple for little ones to turn as they navigate around trees or over rocks. Kids can choose from two speeds: walk-and-talk (ranges between 0 – .75 miles per hour) or power hike (.75 - one mile per hour).

Activity 2: Hula Hooping

What kid doesn''t love hula hooping? Our lightweight plastic hoop is perfect for beginners of all ages, a classic activity that never gets old. With an adjustable nylon strap, kids can start with a short hoop, then work their way up to the full-size version.

Activity 3: Catching bugs

Kids can make their very own fishing pole with a stick and string, then head outdoors to catch lots of colourful insects. Bug catcher is perfect for scooping up spiders or butterflies – just don''t let any creepy-crawlies get away. Once the critter has been captured, kids watch as it flutters its wings through the airy windows on our realistic habitats.

Activity 4: Campfire cookout

This is one of the best outdoor activities for kids. After a long day outside exploring nature and catching bugs, everyone will be famished for some delicious s''mores by the campfire! This kit comes complete with everything needed to roast marshmallows (even if you don''t have sticks!). Kids push down on the rickety old toaster to toast their delicious treats while learning about the history of this family favourite.

Activity 5: Planting a garden

While digging in the dirt is one of our favourite outdoor activities for kids, we also love to see what''s growing. Kids can use their imaginations and pretend they''re farmers as they plant seeds and watch them grow! They''ll learn about farming techniques while admiring all kinds of plants and vegetables ready to harvest by the end of summer. 

Activity 6: Biking around town


The best way to explore your hometown or neighbourhoods on two wheels! Bike kits come with everything needed (even protective gear) so that little one will be cruising down sidewalks before you know it! And don''t forget helmets - yes, this activity does require safety equipment too.

Activity 7: Fishing at the park

If you''ve got a favourite spot to fish near your home, then it''s time to pack up those poles and head out for some fresh air with the family. Kids can learn about different lures as they cast their line into the water (and sometimes catch something too!)

Activity 8: Playing at the playground

There are so many beautiful parks in every city that offer fun equipment like slides and swings. Kids will love running through open fields or around trees on playtime adventures! Bringing along friends is optional but always encouraged for twice as much fun (or more!)

Activity 9: Celebrating nature festivals

Many towns across the country hold special events throughout summer where families can enjoy learning about local wildlife and even hands-on with nature. These festivals are perfect for an educational day to celebrate the time of year, too!

Activity 10: Swimming in public pools

There''s nothing like taking a cool dip on hot summer days to beat the heat. Many towns often offer free access to their community or local pool, so make sure you check out your options and take advantage of this fun opportunity to play together as well! So, these can be great outdoor activities for kids.

Activity 11: Exploring the local beach

Heading to a nearby lake, river, or ocean is another great way to beat the heat. With so many options for beaches across Canada and North America, make sure you take advantage of this free opportunity before it''s gone.

Activity 12: Backyard camping


Who says you need to head out of town for a fantastic camping trip? Spend a night under the stars in your backyard! With so many fun activities, delicious eats, and exciting stories around the campfire, this is one activity that every kid will love.

Activity 13: Go on a hike together

Another great way to get outside with your kids is by going on a family-friendly hike through your local park or natural area. There are plenty of trails across India explicitly designed for beginner hikers and those looking for things like bird watching, stargazing, and more. So go ahead and plan an easy outing today!

Activity 14: Visit your local farm or zoo

If you live near a farm or zoo, you know that both locations are great places for kids to learn about animals and nature. Plus, the experience is often a little more real in person - it allows your child to see how farms work in practice as well as get up close with some adorable creatures! This is also one of the great outdoor activities for kids.

Activity 15: Build a fort together

Backyard play isn''t complete without creating an epic fort where kids can hang out all day long. You don''t need much to get started either – just grab some chairs, blankets, and pillows from inside the house, and soon you will have built something truly magical. For extra credit, consider adding fairy lights for nighttime use!




The perfect way to keep your kids entertained and active is by taking them outside. Outdoor activities for kids are a great way to teach responsibility, teamwork, problem-solving skills, and self-confidence. We''ve compiled our top 15 favourite outdoor activities that we think will be sure to please any child, whether they enjoy playing in the water or building with blocks. Take a look at these ideas and see which ones might work best for you!

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