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Preschool is a crucial time in a child''s life. It sets the stage for learning and socialising with others later on in life. For that reason, finding the right preschool can be difficult because every parent has different priorities regarding education and discipline methods. Here are some things you should consider before choosing your preschool based on your preferences: 

What kind of curriculum do they use? -Do they have any speciality programs? -Are there any extra fees or charges? -How does their approach to discipline differ from other schools? -How much contact with parents does the school provide?

Don''t worry! We got you covered with our nursery school guide!


7 parenting tips on things to consider while choosing a nursery school for your child


1. Choose a nursery school your child will enjoy attending.

The most important thing to keep in mind while searching for a nursery school is that your child should have fun there and not be overwhelmed by the activities. We recommend you visit the nursery school several times before enrolling your child, so check out how they act when playing with their friends or teachers.

2. Make sure the nursery school follows approved curricula.

The nursery schools should follow approved curricula to impart pre-academic skills and gauge your child''s readiness for primary education. You can ask your nursery school counsellor if they are following a government-approved curriculum so that you do not get stuck with an unqualified nursery school. The teacher should be well-trained and well-qualified to impart nursery education.

3. Check if the nursery school provides nutritious meals to your child every day.

Nursery schools should provide meals only after discussing with parents for their feedback. The nursery should also plan for breastfeeding or bottle-feeding mothers and ensure their child gets enough milk daily.

4. Look for nursery school timings that suit your schedule and work best for your child.

The nursery must have flexible hours of operation to cater to varying schedules of working parents. A few nursery schools even provide pick-up services for children after work so that parents can spend more time with their kids.

5. Understand the nursery''s policies and procedures, such as its nursery school timings, curriculum, communication practices, etc.

Ask the nursery for copies of all documents, e.g., nursery brochure, nursery policy document, nursery mission statement, nursery philosophy statement throughout the interview process, so that you can clearly understand requirements.

6. Acceptance criteria should be discussed.

Discuss nursery''s admissions criteria with nursery management and ensure that the nursery school can accommodate your child''s needs. Be clear whether the nursery operates a wait-list or has other admission policies such as sibling preference, ranking applications based on socio-economic background, etc.

7. The fee structure should be discussed in detail.

The fee structure also includes:

  • Nursery school enrollment fees.
  • Nursery deposit and nursery term fees.
  • Nursery uniform charges.
  • Nursery food service charges if applicable.
  • Nursery tuition fees.
  • Nursery activity fees.
  • Annual membership fees.

Ensure that you are clear about the requirements of each of these fees before handing over any money.


Parenting guide- Tips to get your kid ready for nursery school


1. Preparation and transition

Even if your nursery school is very close to your home, it would be better if you take your child there for a trial session before the nursery school begins. You can do this by taking them along while running errands or shopping. Explain that they will be going to nursery school and that you are happy about it.

2. Childcare

If your child is below one year old, they need special care. There are nursery schools that offer babysitting services for younger children, so be sure to inquire about this while choosing a nursery school.

3. Speak to your child about the nursery school

Your child will be going to nursery school from today, so they should know about it. Explain to your child that you are happy to start nursery school and how much you love them.

4. Always set the right example

The most important thing is to explain this as a ''new stage'' in life to your child. Let them know that nursery school is excellent, and convey your feelings of joy about it while making the transition smooth for your child. If you do this, the nursery school will be a fun place.

5. Arrange ''Rudimentary Learning Materials''

You should arrange basic learning materials for a nursery school that your child will need. Your child''s nursery school is one of the most critical ''preparation fields'' for your child. Especially to learn things like letters and numbers, so be sure to put some thought into selecting a nursery school that offers learning materials with educational value and effective teaching methods.




It''s never too early to start thinking about what kind of preschool you want your child to attend. Several factors contribute to the quality and type of school, such as location, cost, curriculum focus, student-teacher ratio, etc. For now, we hope this blog post has helped answer some questions about how parents like yourself might go about choosing an excellent preschool in your area. Let''s talk! Do you have any other concerns?

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