Ten Moral Values For Kids: Ethical Development

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Moral values for kids are based on not only custom but also moral development. Moral development is how moral values and attitudes develop in a child as they grow up and interact with people and society. The moral values that we teach children will shape who they become. So it is essential to make sure we instil good moral values in kids from an early age.


In this blog post, we will discuss ten moral values for kids that research has shown to help them become better citizens as they grow up!


What is a moral value?

A moral value is a principle or lesson that guides one''s behaviour, decisions, and actions. Moral values can be good morals such as courage and honesty, but they also include moral lessons such as knowing right from wrong! Below are ten moral values that parents or teachers must have while teaching kids.



10 Moral Values For Kids That Parents & Teachers Must Teach

1. Respect the Earth

One of the ten moral values for kids we will discuss today is respecting our planet Earth. We should teach children to respect their environment by taking care of it and recycling and show them how important this is through action. That way, you are teaching your child about why it is an ethical value rather than just telling them what they need to do, which could make them feel like they don''t have control of their own choices!


2. Be a good friend

Teach your kids about moral values by being a role model, treating others the way you want them to be treated, and teaching respect, among other things! If we teach our children how important it is to treat their friends with kindness from an early age, they will value those around them for who they are instead of thinking that everyone needs something from them. This moral lesson can be taken into adulthood, too, so why not start young?

3. Take care of animals

We have already mentioned one of the ten moral values for kids, but this time regarding respect for animals. Many people believe that if protecting mother earth means hurting or disrespecting another creature, it isn''t moral. Teaching kids that respecting all living things is moral will help them know how to act in the future when they are placed into situations where they must choose between themselves and another creature.


4. Helping out at home

One of the ordinaries yet practical moral values for kids would be doing chores around the house.  Whether it be taking out the trash, doing dishes, or feeding the pets, this moral value for kids has been around since before our time. It can help teach them how to look after themselves while also showing that they can support their parents when needed.

5. Respecting elders

Respecting elders is a great moral value because children who are just learning a language often omit honorifics. When children are taught to obey and behave politely to elders,  they are also taught to treat their parents. You can start teaching this to kids by being strict with them whenever they disobey elders. Never let it loose, believing they''re just kids because their personality will be majorly affected by this when they grow up.


6. Respecting others'' property

Kids need moral values that teach them how to recognize and respect other people''s possessions, whether a toy or a house.  If they learn this moral value at an early age, they will grow up understanding why not everyone can have everything they want right away and that just because you want something doesn''t mean that you''ll get it.

7. Having manners

Speaking of moral values for kids, teaching manners is an essential one. Be it table manners or anything, and many children lack it these days, which earns parents a bad name. Teaching your little ones proper etiquette from a young age can help shape them into more mature individuals who know exactly what is expected of themselves and those around them in social situations.


8. Being honest with themselves and others

Trustworthiness is an essential moral value for kids because it can affect everything in their lives, from friendships to school work and even their relationships with parents or siblings. If your little ones develop this moral value at a young age, they will grow up having the ability to be trusted by everyone around them and respect those who deserve it most.

9. Not being afraid of making mistakes

Being resilient is one of the essential moral values for kids because both children and adults have lacked it in recent days. Teaching your little ones that failure isn''t always something wrong but just part of learning what works best can help shape them into more mature individuals. They''ll become someone who knows how to bounce back after every setback they face, no matter how big or small. 


10. Not to please everyone

Many young adults struggle with one moral value: how they perceive their self-worth and the moral values involved in showing appreciation for themselves. Teaching your kids that having an excellent sense of who you are without seeking approval from anyone around them can help shape a more mature individual who knows exactly where they stand in life and will be able to deal with any issues or challenges that come their way head-on instead of trying to please everyone else first.



Final thoughts

So many moral values are involved in children and adults'' lives, so it is essential to teach them these values, as mentioned above, soon. In this modernized world, anyone who lacks moral values instantly backlashes, and it is the parent''s responsibility to make sure their child doesn''t face such problems in the future. Always remember those good things take time, so be patient while helping them to learn moral values.

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