Flowers, Garlands, incense sticks, Calm, but excitement! The preparations were going on in full swing for the big day. All the members of the family were waiting and getting prepared for Janmashtami, the day to remember the birth of their beloved deity Krishna. According to the rituals, a big pot of butter was kept ready for the baby Lord to relish. All the family members were busy decorating their houses with beautiful flowers. The whole atmosphere was filled with joy and happiness.

Krishna Janmashtmi

Ved, his father, mother, and granny lived in the holy city of Varanasi. The whole family was very excited to celebrate the birth of their favorite deity. The next morning, everyone woke up early and prepared for the day's celebrations. They all gathered around the big pot of butter and started singing songs and hymns praising baby Krishna.

Radhe! Radhe!

Mesmerized and surprised to notice the preparations right in the morning, Ved had no bounds for his excitement as well as curiosity. . He started to wonder, “What is so special about today?” He was observing everything with awe. His eyes landed on his granny, and he went running to her and hugged her. Very innocently he asked, “ Dadi, what is it that is happening today? Why is everybody in a rush?? Is there somebody who is coming to our house to visit?” 

Seeing his interest, the granny felt very happy, and she started reciting the story of baby Krishna.

"Long time ago in the far land of Mathura, there lived a couple Vasudeva and  Devaki. They were kind and good people, and everybody loved them. But there was one problem!" Said, Grandma.

" What was the problem?" asked Ved.

"The evil king of Mathura Kansa! Even though he was Devaki’s brother, he was very mean to her. He wanted to kill all of her children as he had foreseen  a prediction that one of her sons would kill him!"

"Why would her son want to do that? And Would a baby be able to do so?" asked Ved, who was increasingly interested in the story.

"Well, Kansa had done some deeds like torturing people and making their lives miserable. His wrath and terror were deeply rooted among all. So, everybody wanted him dead! But nobody dared to do it as he was very powerful."


"So, what happened next?" asked Ved impatiently.

"Fearing this, Kansa decided that he would keep Devaki in prison so that he could keep an eye on her and kill her children as soon as they were born. But even that could not stop Krishna from being born!"

"How would he be able  to do that?"

"That, my dear, is an interesting story in itself! You see, Krishna was Devaki's eighth child. But Kansa took her first seven children away immediately after they were born and killed."

"That's terrible!" cried Ved. "How could he be so cruel?"

"Kansa was a very cruel man," said Grandma. "Anyway, when Krishna was born, Vasudev, Devaki's husband, decided that he would not let Kansa take away their 8th son. For that, he took the newborn Krishna away in the dead of night between the huge storm in the river Yamuna and handed him over to Yashoda, who was Nanda's wife."

"He told Yashoda that now she was the mother of Krishna, and she should take care of him as if he were her own. Vasudev then went back to prison."

"So that is how Krishna came to live in Gokul with Nanda and Yashoda," said Ved, his eyes wide with wonder.

"Yes, and Kansa tried many times to kill Krishna, but each time he failed. Eventually, Krishna killed Kansa and freed his parents from prison."

"Wow! What a story!" said Ved. "I can't wait to celebrate Janmashtami tomorrow and tell my friends about this story."

"Yes, and while you tell them this story, remember the moral of the story, which is that good always triumphs over evil."

"I will remember that!" said Ved with a smile.

And with that, the stories ended, and Ved went to bed with a heart full of happiness and excitement for the next day. Janmashtami was finally here!

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