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The alphabet is a fundamental part of childhood. Whether you want to teach your toddler the ABCs or you''re looking for some new ways to make learning fun, this blog post will help you. Teaching kids the alphabet can seem daunting and time-consuming at first glance. However, there are many easy ways that parents can introduce their youngsters to letters that they''ll love! In this blog post, we will go over 14 different tips that parents can use during the training of the alphabet for kids.


Top 14 tips to teach alphabet for kids

Following are the top 14 tips to teach alphabet for kids:

1. Find teaching materials that are engaging and entertaining for your child. 

There are many different ways to teach the alphabet that can be fun, but not all of these methods will work for every kid. If you want something simple yet effective, consider using songs or music videos as a learning tool! For example, one popular song is “The Alphabet Song” by Busytown Mysteries Kids, which has children dancing along with animal characters from their favourite PBS KIDS show while reciting each letter of the alphabet in order. Many other options exist online if this video doesn''t catch your youngster''s interest quickly enough.!

2. Use ABC apps on smartphones.

Parents can use different applications on smartphones to teach their children the alphabet. There are so many options, and they''re great for helping kids learn letters in a fun way! Some of my favourite apps include Alphabet Letters by Kids Educational Apps, which has children tracing along with letter characters using their fingers or stylus pens; Alphablocks is an app that will help your little one remember specific sounds each letter makes--and teaches them what sound they go together to form various words; finally, Dinosaur Train ABCs will let kids listen as DINOSAURS sing out every single letter like real-life human singers would do at a concert.

3. Give small exercises to your kids 


Wondering what to offer? Exercise such as writing ABCD 10 times every day to help them learn the order of each letter. This is a great way to learn the alphabet for kids.

4. Make up your own words

Try making up your own words with the alphabet letters you are teaching. This is a fun way for kids to play around and have some creative writing time too!!

5. Play alphabet games with your kids


Alphabet games are always fun, especially the ones you can play online. For example, ABCmouse has some great learning games that will help your child to learn letters and numbers in a much more interactive way than just through flashcards or worksheets.!

6. Learning should be fun


Try to make learning the alphabet for kids as much fun as possible for your toddler. They will learn faster and better if you let them be creative, sing songs or play with toys while they are doing it! These simple tips can help you teach your kid the letters of the alphabet in a way that is more interesting and engaging than ever before.

7. Introduce them with different words

Whenever you introduce a new letter, try to show it in as many different words as possible. For example, if they learn ''A'' and then go on to learn ''B'', teach them both the word for apple (as well as banana or ball, etc.) so that they can see how each letter is used differently

8. Use toys while teaching them

When teaching your kid about letters and the alphabet, always use toys, songs, or games with real-life examples of objects that start with those particular letters. They will not only have fun while learning but also be able to apply what they''ve learnt outside of their lessons!

9. If all else fails just give up.


This may sound like bad advice but remember toddlers are still learning about the world around them so if they can''t grasp a concept or aren''t interested in what you have to say, it''s probably not going to sink in.

10. It''s important to keep lessons short and sweet. 

Toddlers have a very short attention span so make sure your child can retain what they''ve learned by coming back to them over time, rather than forcing it upon them all at once!

11. Remember that toddlers learn through play. 

So instead of focusing on teaching the alphabet as such (i.e ABCs) try making up songs or games that incorporate letters into otherwise fun activities!

12. Don''t ever stop learning. 


There''s always something new that you can teach your children and with the help of technology, there are so many different ways to do it! Give them a tablet or an app on their phone – they''ll love watching videos about animals, music beats, and even letters of the alphabet.

13. Give them the letter that sounds like ''Buh'' instead of spelling out ''Bee''. 

This will help your kids learn faster. In this way, it is simple for kids to learn the alphabet.

14. Give them time to read story books

Take time to read stories and rhyming books with each other, this is also a great way for you to bond!




If you want to give training in the alphabet for kids with ease, they must be given a solid foundation. As parents, we know how easy it is for our little ones to get distracted by their favourite TV show or game on the computer. However, these 14 tips will help them stick with learning and mastering the ABCs!  We hope this has helped teach your children about the alphabet. Please feel free to share this article if you found any of these principles useful in helping teach your kids - every parent knows what an accomplishment knowing all 26 letters can be!

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