Reasons your kid is struggling with Mathematics

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  2. Why do students have difficulties with mathematics?
  3. 11 indications that your child is struggling with mathematics
  4. How can parents assist children struggling with mathematics?
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Students struggle with mathematics for a variety of reasons. It is common for kids to struggle with specific arithmetic concepts at some time and require a little extra help to enhance their mathematics abilities. However, for other kids, the problem extends beyond merely failing with a few arithmetic topics; it becomes a continuous issue that prevents them from comprehending mathematics the majority of the time.


Why do students have difficulties with mathematics?


Dyscalculia is a learning disability that affects pupils'' ability to perform mathematics. Children with dyscalculia typically struggle to grasp numbers, symbols, and related ideas needed to excel in arithmetic. Many kids have at least a minor level of dyscalculia and do not achieve their full potential in mathematics class. Students who fail to achieve fundamental arithmetic requirements in early grades are more likely to fail to meet them in later years.This is why it''s critical to recognize the indications that your child is failing with mathematics as soon as possible and to devise a plan to solve it.

1. They don''t grasp the fundamentals.


If your youngster was unable to comprehend the fundamental building block of mathematics, he would struggle until college. It is critical that your youngster thoroughly understands the previous topic presented before moving on to the next. This will make it easier for him to recollect concepts when they are needed.

2. They have mathematics anxiety.

Some children are quite nervous when it comes to mathematics and numbers. It''s as though they undergo some physiological shift when confronted with issues to answer and numbers to compute.

The following are some of the most typical indicators that your child suffers from mathematics Anxiety:

  • Avoidance
  • Clammy hands
  • Trepidation
  • Palpitations
  • A failure to respond


11 indications that your child is struggling with mathematics

1. Failure to fulfill significant milestones


Your youngster is falling behind his or her classmates in class. Younger children may struggle with counting by number groups and/or individually, whereas older students may struggle with multiplication tables or fractions.

2. Difficulty remembering fundamental mathematics ideas and facts

Your youngster has difficulty remembering arithmetic topics that he or she has previously been taught and acquired.

3. Learning complex arithmetic ideas and facts may be difficult.

Your youngster fails to build on fundamental arithmetic ideas and does not comprehend increasingly difficult mathematics issues.

4. Having difficulty organizing your time

Your youngster has difficulty regulating the time, including reading clocks, interpreting time increments, and adhering to a routine.

5. It fails to draw the connection between mathematics families.

Your kid struggles to draw connections between mathematics fact families, such as 10+2 = 12 and 12-2 = 10.

6. Having difficulty with mental mathematics

When solving mathematics problems, your youngster counts using his or her fingers rather than performing the work in his or her mind.

7. Difficulty applying mathematics principles to real-world issues.

Your kid has difficulty applying arithmetic principles to word problems or in real-world circumstances such as estimating the cost of things.

8. Do not try to solve issues in novel ways.


Your youngster does not experiment with multiple methods to arithmetic problems and quits up fast when unable to discover an answer.

9. Mathematics grades are significantly lower than those in other courses.

Your child does well in his or her other subjects, but his or her mathematics grades are significantly worse. He or she could put off doing mathematics assignments or preparing for examinations.

10. Fear of mathematics class, examinations, and homework

Mathematics is a significant cause of anxiety for your youngster. He or she is quickly overwhelmed or upset by arithmetic and struggles to recall what he or she has studied while taking tests or completing assignments.

11. He or she claims to despise arithmetic.

Your youngster complains that he or she ''hates mathematics'' and avoids participating in mathematics class or practicing problem-solving.


How can parents assist children struggling with mathematics?

If you see any of the above indications of arithmetic difficulties in your kid, you must address the problem as soon as possible to get your child back on track. Fortunately, there are a variety of options for parents to assist their children in improving in mathematics class. Many of these may occur at home as well as with the assistance of a tutor.

1. Every night, practice with your child.


Sit down with your child after school each night and do some arithmetic exercise (even if he or she does not have homework). This will assist him or her in developing abilities while also keeping what he or she is learning fresh in his or her mind.

2.  Discover Daily Applications

Find ways to utilize mathematics with your child other than when he or she is completing homework. When you go grocery shopping, have your kid practice arithmetic by calculating the cost, or when you cook or bake, have your child follow a recipe.

3. Be optimistic.

Assist and encourage your youngster when he or she is stuck on a mathematics issue to help him or her gain confidence. Rather than allowing him or her to become upset and give up, work together to solve the situation.

4. Hire a Tutor.


Many parents haven''t been in a mathematics class in a long time, and a lot has changed. If your child is suffering from arithmetic and you are unable to assist him or her, a mathematics tutor may ensure that your child receives the assistance he or she requires.


Final Words


It is not an easy task to help a kid who is struggling with arithmetic get back on track. However, remarkable transformations are achievable with the correct attitude. You may use the above advice to help weak students improve their arithmetic skills. You must prepare an action plan for weak pupils and learn how to achieve high grades in mathematics.

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