12 Fun and preschool activities at home for kids that you should not miss

When kids get home from school, it can be hard to keep them entertained. Preschoolers often need a lot of stimulation and activity, but their parents are tired too! The key to instilling a love for learning in little ones is disguising it with plenty of craziness and fun! As you scroll down, bookmark this list of preschool activities at home for kids for a rainy day, and you’ll always have an entertaining and educational activity ready with them when you need it. Here are 12 fun activities that you can do at home with your preschooler to help make the day go by more smoothly.

What are preschool activities?

what are preschool activities at home for kids

Preschool is the time before your child goes to school when they learn about letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. Preschool activities are designed to help prepare them for kindergarten!

Fun Activities for Preschoolers

1. Play with magnets: 

Preschoolers love playing with magnets on their fridge or a magnetic board – try making different patterns using magnets. Be careful not to let them swallow any magnets!

2. Draw together: 

 drawing is another one of the preschool activities at home for kids

Preschoolers love drawing and coloring, so grab some crayons or markers and let them draw on a big piece of paper. You can find pictures online to print out for them too.

3. Bake cookies: 

Prescribe will have lots of fun getting messy in the kitchen with you baking some easy-to-make and yummy cookies.

4. Find shapes in nature: 

Preschoolers will love exploring the world around them for different patterns, colors, or even just leaves they can find on a walk through the woods. Bring along some paper and writing utensils so you don't have to stop looking!

5. Play with water: 

Preschoolers love getting messy, so fill up a big water table and let them play until their hearts are content. You can also mix different colors of food coloring to make your own concoctions!

6. Play with bubbles: 

 playing with bubbles is also one of the preschool activities at home for kids

Preschoolers have an innate fascination for blowing bubbles which they will remember fondly as adults too. Grab some bubble solution from the store or put some dish soap in a bowl with some water and let the kids go to town!

7. Go for a walk: 

Going for a walk is also one of the preschool activities at home for kids

Preschoolers love exploring the world around them, so bringing their little bodies outside can be an exciting experience. Take along paper or notebooks to draw out what they saw on their journey when you get back home.

8. Make crafts: 

Preschool activities at home for kids are just about starting to learn about the world so why not give them hands-on experience? Preschool crafts can be anything from painting with shaving cream on black construction paper, creating their own art journals out of blank notebooks and pens or even making homemade popsicles.

9. Cook together: 

cooking together is another preschool activities at home for kids

Preschoolers love learning new skills like cooking! This is one of the most creative preschool activities at home for kids. You might not know this, but many preschoolers find it very rewarding to use measuring cups and spoons for baking. Not only will they have a great time making some of their own food with you, but they'll also be learning how to follow directions!

10. Play outside: 

Preschool activities at home can also involve getting your little ones outside. Take them on walks in the park, go for a bike ride or even play outside in the sandbox. Preschoolers can practice their balance and coordination while playing with sand at home too!

11. Build something: 

Toy makers are always curious builders! Preschoolers love learning how to use tools like hammers, screwdrivers, or power drills that they may not be able to use on their own at home. Preschoolers can also learn how to use tools like a saw or glue gun that they may not have seen before in school!

12. Literacy and numeracy activities for home:  

one of the preschool activities at home for kids

Preschoolers love to learn preschool activities at home for kids and their school knows that! Preschoolers can have fun while practicing their literacy skills by reading a book, or they can practice making matches with numbers. Preschooler's memory is also developing fast so give them lots of opportunities to recall things like the alphabet, shapes, colors, and even nursery rhymes as you go about your day. Preschoolers are also learning to count objects and can use their fingers as a tool for counting or they can play with different sets of blocks until they get the number right!


Parents, do you feel like your preschooler is getting a little bit bored at home? We've got some great new ideas for fun activities that will keep them entertained and learning! You'll find something here to help you out with every season of the year. From arts & crafts projects to cooking meals together or playing outside in the snow, we've compiled 12 different preschool activities at home for kids to get them excited about learning again. Be sure to let us know what you think by leaving a comment below this article.

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