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10 reasons you should send your kid to Pre-primary school


Going to PreSchool is 'A tiny step for a huge exposure in a child's 

Life. This is the first-ever exercise in which kids are separated from their parents' comfort and secure zone. So, it has to be a second cosy home for the child, with enough material to attract and make them feel comfortable and safe. Pre-school is the first place where they build their self-esteem, learn the importance of their name, things and friends. Every child learns to communicate with their teachers and fellow students in the Pre School. It is the right place for the child's foundation for lifelong progress. 

What is a Pre-primary school?

Pre-primary school is an early childhood program in which children mix learning and play under the supervision of professionally trained adults. Children are most typically enrolled in Pre-primary school between the ages of three and five, however, some institutions accept children as young as two. Pre-primary schools differ from typical daycare in that they emphasize learning and development rather than enabling children.

Pre-primary school vs. Kindergarten

The primary distinction between the two is the children's age and developmental skills. Pre-primary school students range in age from 2 to 4 years old, while pre-kindergarten students range in age from 4 to 5 years old. In terms of growth, each child moves at their own pace. In general, children in pre-k participate in activities that entail deeper learning as well as more regimented skill-building exercises.

Importance of Pre-primary school

pre primary school for kids is important

Pre-primary school education is important because it aids in a child's emotional, social, and personal growth and development. When a three-year-old is allowed to spend time with people other than his or her parents, he or she learns to form trustworthy connections with adults. Pre-primary school is the child's first experience in an organized setting, where he or she learns the value of sharing and discovers new things, fostering personal growth.

Although a kid learns to communicate at home, regular interaction and exposure with children of the same age group and teachers in a Pre-primary school help them improve their communication abilities. It entails converting mental pictures to languages to convert thoughts and knowledge into information.

Reasons why you should send your kid to a Pre-primary school

Check out the following reasons to ensure that your child is admitted to Pre-primary school as soon as possible:

1. The opportunity for Growth:

learning opportunity increases in pre primary school for kids

You must ensure that your child has the experience of getting admitted to Pre-primary school since it allows them to take advantage of opportunities like never before. The instructors and other children will undoubtedly be an entirely different experience for the youngsters. It will serve as the foundation for their learning and how they will proceed in their academic careers.

2. Learn with both play and education:

 learning opportunities grows in pre primary school for kids

Kindergarten has evolved into one of the most essential aspects of academic life. Many parents choose to start with Pre-primary school first to assist their child in preparing for school life. It primarily assists children with pre-literacy and pre-math abilities while also encouraging them to grow with a greater knowledge of all other elements.

3. Emotional and social development are encouraged:

To learn and grow, a kid must feel safe and cared for in the presence of a caregiver or instructor. Standard Pre-primary school courses will undoubtedly foster ties among instructors, children, and parents, allowing them to continue this for the rest of their academic lives. Teachers and students form an unbreakable bond and friendship in a Pre-primary school.

4. An Observation of a Structured Environment:

structured environment is what kids get in pre primary school for kids

Getting your child enrolled in Pre-primary school will undoubtedly help them grasp how to operate in an organized atmosphere and adhere to all of the rules, which will undoubtedly assist them a long way in the future. As a result, you must ensure that your child has firsthand experience with Pre-primary school so that they may have an idea of a disciplined life.

5. Learning to Make Decisions:

Children will have a variety of tasks to do in Pre-primary school. Yes, kids will be able to make a decision based on their interests. This will assist them to find out what they like and give them something to work on in the future.

6. Learning to Improve Oneself:

Children will surely profit from Pre-primary school sessions since they will have a taste of competitiveness and will be able to work on it to take comprehensive care of it. They will have a better understanding of their worth. It will help them understand how to deal with such difficult situations.

7. Improves cognitive and linguistic abilities:

This event will undoubtedly help children considerably improve their language abilities. These activities will undoubtedly nourish them in all areas. From assisting them in improving their cognitive abilities by having them work on different problems to assisting them in improving their language skills through a different method.

8. Increases a Child's Curiosity:

With Pre-primary school facilities, your child will grow much more inquisitive about many elements, which will drive him or her to study. As a result, kids will continue to be inquisitive about many topics and will begin to ask questions. As a result, they will gradually become keen learners.

9. Increases Pre-Mathematics and Literacy Understanding:

When it comes to pre-literacy and pre-math questions, children do exhibit curiosity. They are continuously on the lookout for new information and are eager to learn more about these topics. Teachers here will assist students in honing their abilities, which will undoubtedly benefit them much.

10. Improves Motor Skills:

A child's physical coordination is also improved with the aid of Pre-primary school. It encourages your child to explore new environments and to push themselves in new ways.


pre primary school for kids increases child’s curiosity

Early education researchers have also demonstrated the significance of Pre-primary school education, claiming that children who are educated at a young age typically have better social skills, fewer behavioral issues, and higher grades without receiving extra attention. The self-confidence obtained through studying in a fun manner contributes to the child's personality development.

A high-quality early childhood education teaches children cognitive, behavioral, and social skills that they would not be able to learn at home. Pre-primary school education, therefore, plays a critical role in developing preparedness for learning and immersing the child in inquiry-based learning.

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