Practice These Reading Activities for Preschoolers Everyday

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Why are Reading Activities for Preschoolers Important?

Reading is a critical skill for kids to learn at an early age. It has been shown that reading activities for preschoolers help children develop reading and language skills, increase their knowledge of vocabulary, and make them more confident in reading aloud. It also improves kids'' reading comprehension, which helps them do better on school tests! If you have young children at home or work with preschoolers, this article will be an excellent resource for you to get ideas about providing reading activities for your little ones.



13 Easy Reading Activities for Preschoolers

1. Books and Babies: Reading to babies is one of the easiest reading activities for preschoolers. From the time they are born, reading to them has been shown by researchers to have a significant impact on their development.

2. Tot Talk: Reading aloud to children helps them develop reading and listening skills. It is also an excellent way for kids who are learning English as their second language to practise reading and pronunciation at the same time with an adult or older child who can help them sound out unfamiliar words.


3. Repetition and Rhyme: Children automatically register new comments and develop vocabulary skills when words or phrases are repeated. Listening to and reading nursery rhymes works best as reading activities for preschoolers.

4. Inspiration: One of the simplest ways to encourage reading activities in preschoolers is to be an example yourself! Let kids take inspiration from you as you read your favourite books during the weekends. 

5. Storytelling: Narrating stories from books or sharing personal anecdotes helps young listeners learn to understand stories and how they are constructed. It also helps with confidence-boosting, emotional issues, concentration, vocabulary development, and sometimes just plain old bedtime stories!


6. Read at your Own Pace: Preschoolers must read on their terms and time. Every child reads and learns at their own pace, and parents should give this aspect prime importance. Participation in reading activities for preschoolers should not be forced or specified.

7. Pick the Right Book: When reading to your child, try choosing books that are just a little bit too hard for them to learn new vocabulary and increase reading comprehension. This is called ''reading with intent.

8. Find Different Voices: Do you have a silly voice? This will help kids understand how to express each sentence how it could be intended. Use it when a character in a story is acting all silly! Also, it''s fun for you both!


9. Let them Take Control: Let them turn pages or choose the book you read to them. Letting kids feel a sense of independence in reading can boost their confidence and encourage them to willingly take up reading activities for preschoolers.

10. Make it Interactive: Ask questions about what they are reading (or you might get the dreaded question ''why?'') and stop reading to answer their questions. This will make reading more interactive for them and help them understand the story''s context better.

11. Read in Different Places: Reading outside is a great idea, but let''s not forget about reading inside! Reading activities for preschoolers at home can be just as fun; try your bed or sitting on your couch with pillows around you (or reading in your favourite chair if you have one). It''s best to choose a reading space best suited for the type of book you''re about to read.


12. Have Books Everywhere: Put reading materials around the house. This will make them more accessible to preschoolers, and it might inspire reading at unexpected times of day! Reading while eating a snack or right before bed can be a great way to combine fun with reading activities for preschoolers.

13. Encourage Imagination: Take reading to the next level by reading stories that might not be so literal or direct. Ask questions, makeup dialogue, change a character''s name or form your creative conclusions to the stories! What could have been is something kids and adults both like to think about!



Reading sets a foundation for higher learning among children. While it may seem like a daunting task, reading to your preschooler is one of the easiest ways to help them develop their literacy skills and love books, from making up stories together about what they see in nature or telling simple nursery rhymes that rhyme with words on cereal boxes, there are so many easy reading activities for preschoolers parents can do at home to impact early childhood development. The actions we''ve listed are significant for any time of day or night when you have a few minutes to spare with your child. 

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