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Parenting is difficult. It can be a drag at times, and it can often feel like you''re fighting an uphill battle to get your child to do what they are supposed to do. However, if you want them to grow up into responsible adults who know how to take care of themselves and their environment then it''s important that you teach them how from the start! In this blog, we will discuss some top 10 parenting tips for engaging your children in household chores


Top 10 parenting tips to encourage kids in household chores

Following are the top 10 parenting tips to engage kids in household chores

1. Teach them the value of chores: 

One of the first parenting tips that need to be done is teaching your kids why doing household chores are important and how they benefit you. You need to teach them about the importance of being responsible for their actions, caring for others around them as well as themselves. You also need to show appreciation when they do a good job with completing or tackling any task given to them so that it motivates them in future tasks too!

2. The second parenting tips to engage kids in chores is to be specific: 

It is important to set a good example for your child. So, when you are assigning chores or tasks make sure that it is done in the same way as they would do it so that kids can understand clearly what you expect from them. You need to be very clear with your instructions and give a proper step-by-step process on how exactly should the chore or task get done!

3. Be consistent in communicating about household responsibilities: 

When talking about any household responsibility, one thing that needs to be remembered is the consistency of communication which builds trust between parents and children. If there are certain rules laid out by you then stick to those rules even if things get difficult at times because this will help establish boundaries within family members and children will learn responsibility with time.

4. Teach and motivate your child: 

Even if children are not able to complete tasks as per your expectation, it does not mean you get disappointed or punish them. Instead of getting upset, try teaching the child how he/she can improve next time around or show some positive encouragement which in turn motivates him/her for better results. This way they understand that their failure was a result of approach rather than unwillingness.

5. Involve kids in daily family activities: 


One important thing parents should remember is to involve children in each and every household activity because this gives an opportunity for further communication about tasks at hand apart from also encouraging a sense of belonging within the family members. Moreover, when they are involved with the process they tend to value their job more and feel responsible for completing it.

6. Provide choice while asking your children to help: 

Another important point is to provide the child an option of choosing what he/she would like to do first. This will motivate them rather than making them feel that you have imposed something on him or them. Moreover, this also gives an opportunity for self-expression which in turn enhances personality development.

7. Give rewards as appreciation: 


One can show some gratitude by rewarding children if they complete a task successfully without being asked repeatedly, because then it becomes fun for kids when they are given responsibility but at the same time appreciated too, besides getting rid of constant nagging from parents side thereby increasing chances of children to complete their chores.

8. Making it a habit: is one of the parenting tips 

Most of the time, parents might be so over-occupied with work-life or other household responsibilities that they forget to engage their kids in doing chores as part of their daily routine. It is important for parent and child both to make this activity a part of lifestyle so that there is an automatic response from each side without having any conflict throughout the process and at last get effective results too.

9. Being patient: 


Kids are generally excited about new things in life which also means they easily take interest in something which appears appealing and attractive for them. One Of the parenting tips is that parents need to keep patience while training young ones on how chores must be performed.

10. Parenting tips of giving a sense of responsibility to your kids 

While you do this, make sure you make them realize the worth of doing household chores by telling them some practical examples or some stories. All the above nine parenting tips will surely help you as a parent to make your children and kids capable of doing household chores.




We know that teaching our children to do household chores is a way for them to learn responsibility, empathy and gain an understanding of what it takes to run a home. It also gives you as the parent more time on your hands so that you can focus on other tasks or enjoy some downtime with friends and family. There are many ways we could teach our kids how important they are in completing their chores though, from assigning points per chore completed to helping them find creative solutions together with us where everyone wins. Which parenting tips have helped motivate your child into doing housework?

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