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Parenting is one of the most rewarding and challenging jobs on earth. It''s a job that requires patience, love, understanding, compassion, and some excellent advice from other parents who have been there before you. In this blog post, we will share 11 parenting tips for toddlers that will help make your life easier!


Top 11 parenting tips for toddlers


Following are the top 11 parenting tips for toddlers:

1. Be consistent in your parenting

This is one of the great parenting tips for toddlers. It means that when you are on vacation or at home, use the same rules for how you expect them to behave and what kind of behaviour will be rewarded with love! Consistency is critical because it sends a message to kids that they can rely on us to provide structure no matter where we are or what activities we may be involved in.

2. Limit TV time & Video games 

Children who spend too much time watching Tv have been shown to do worse academically than those who watch less than an hour per day. They also tend not to perform well socially either since screen time often gets in the way of socializing, essential for growing healthy relationships. Stay away from video games as well.

3. Set a good example 

Kids learn by watching and imitating adults, so we must set a positive, respectful example for them to follow. That means no yelling or name-calling at the other members of our family (including spouses) even during an argument. We should also take care not to make promises we don''t intend on keeping, such as ''I''m never going to eat dessert again!'' because kids will feel like they can''t trust us if we don''t control what we say. The best bet is always to try and use words that express certainty rather than uncertainty (''we''re not having dessert tonight''). Children tend to be more influenced by those convictions instead of vague statements about possibilities (even though research has shown that kids seem to understand the latter better).

4. Handle them with care

This is one of the most important parenting tips for toddlers. Kids are more delicate than we realize and can be easily hurt by a negative tone of voice, frustrated gestures, or even how something is said. Being condescending won''t make your kids listen, which means you have to put in the extra effort while communicating with them. This will help build their self-esteem as well!

5. Don''t let emotions dictate how they''re punished


Parents can find this tip as one of the most excellent parenting tips for toddlers. It''s easy for parents to get furious at their kids when something goes wrong, but that shouldn''t influence whether or not they get disciplined. Instead, follow through on whatever punishment was intended from the start - if it helps any, try thinking about what would happen if a friend did the same thing instead of imagining all sorts of ways one could retaliate against their child.

6. Be flexible and don''t overreact to changes in routine

Kids love consistency because it helps them feel safe and secure, so whenever you can, try sticking to a schedule as much as possible - this will help your little one anticipate what is coming next, which may bring some comfort even if they don''t show it.

7. Give them the benefit of the doubt

Remember that toddlers are still learning how to express themselves, so don''t take everything they say literally. Try responding with a question rather than immediately disciplining your child - if you''re not sure what this looks like, imagine yourself saying something hurtful or disrespectful and then ask yourself, ''would I discipline myself for doing that?'' If the answer is no, give them the benefit of the doubt!

8. Let go of perfectionism

It can be challenging as parents because we want our children to have every advantage out there, but it''s also important to remember that kids learn best by playing around sometimes. So whether they paint on all over your or spills his cereal everywhere at breakfast, let it be.

9. Find a balance between your time and theirs


It''s essential to spend quality time with our kids but also remembers that you still have needs! Let them play by themselves from time to time or take some down alone for a coffee date while they''re having fun playing with their toys at the park.

10. Give praise and positive reinforcement

Giving praise is one of the biggest parenting tips for toddlers. This is super important because children learn so much from what we say! Good job for trying to clean up your room; I appreciate how hard you''re working on that puzzle. Saying things like this gives them a sense of self-confidence which will boost their development in the future too.

11. Be patient with tantrums.

Tantrums are never fun, but they aren''t going away any time soon, unfortunately! It''s best not to get upset when they have one either, as it''ll make it worse just be calm and put them somewhere safe if needed to feel secure again.




It''s important to remember that toddlers are not little adults, and they need you as much as ever! The goal is to grow into independent, self-sufficient people who don''t feel like they have to rely on anyone else. You can help this process by providing a safe environment where your child feels loved and accepted unconditionally, so they grow up with the confidence and skills needed in today''s world. Parenting has never been an easy task, but we hope these tips will make it just a bit easier for you! We know parenting can sometimes be challenging, especially when dealing with those stubborn toddler years. We hope you liked these top 11 parenting tips for toddlers and it works for you!

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