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8 Parenting Tips for Newborns: Surviving the First 12 Months


Parenting is one of the most challenging jobs in the world. Parenting a newborn can be even more complicated because these little ones are so fragile and need you to care for them 24/7. It's not always easy, but parents must learn how to take care of their children from day one properly. This blog post will provide eight parenting tips for newborns to help parents survive their first year with their children!

parenting tips for newborns

Why is handling newborns so hard?

First of all, newborn babies can't communicate. They don't talk, and they can not tell you what they want or how to take care of properly. It is up to the parents to learn how their child needs them so that both are safe! And so, we have some excellent parenting tips for handling newborns!

1. Newborns need a lot of feeding.

The first one on our list of parenting tips is regarding food! Every hour on the hour (or every two hours), your newborn will wake up looking for food. Make sure that you always have formula milk at hand because there's no way around it; if he doesn't get fed, he'll start crying, and his tiny face will turn red with anger and frustration. A parent should never ignore this type of cries because the baby is already hungry and thirsty.

mother feeding her newborn

2. Newborns need a lot of holding.

A newborn needs to be held all the time, but it's not just about keeping him safe in your arms, hugging, or carrying him around. You'll also have to hold his bottle while he feeds himself because you cannot put down this new responsibility until he gets older (for example, when he starts crawling). It could happen that during feeding times you can't eat anything yourself so make sure that someone else will prepare food for everyone! Your baby should never feel like an inconvenience; if they show signs of dissatisfaction at any moment, something isn't right with how things work between the two of you.

3. Keep chewable toys away from newborns.

Most parenting tips do include enjoying time with babies while playing with toys, but we want to add that toys can also cause dangers! Yes, and so keep chewable toys away from the newborns because they can choke on them. Parenting tips for surviving your newborn's first year should always involve safety. A newborn baby is prone to many dangers if not taken care of. Firstly, any toys that have sharp edges must be taken away. Always be near them and play with them rather than keeping any toy near them.

newborn playing with toys

4. Visit the doctor often.

During your newborn's first year, you should visit the doctor often. They may develop some illnesses if not taken care of correctly. If they keep getting sick, you can change something in how you're managing them. And doctors know exactly what needs to be taken care of. Do not rely on family members for the cure. Instead, always seek a doctor's advice in case of sickness.

5. Both the parents must take care of the newborn baby.

Parenting tips are not only for the mothers or fathers but also both unless there is a reason. The newborn baby is not a toy that you play with during the weekend, and it requires dedication from both of its parents to keep them healthy and happy. If one parent decides to take off, it might lead to problems for your child, so always try staying together even if there are some issues between you two.

parents and newborn should take care of their health

6. Do not trust any other person around the newborn.

One of the essential parenting tips is never to trust a stranger. It would be best if you were very careful when it comes to who takes care of your child while you're away because only their parents know what they need or want better than anyone else. So, do not let someone come over unless they have been cleared by yourself first; otherwise, something terrible may happen, such as sickness or injury.

7. Be aware of infections and illnesses that your child can spread.

You need to keep in mind a few things when it comes to children because they might get sick or even catch something from another person easier than an adult. So, make sure your newborn is not around other people who have been diagnosed with any infection before bringing them close because the last thing you want is for them to come down with anything at all.

 read about kids illness to have proper knowledge about dealing with it

8. Be cautious of insects.

Always make sure to check your baby for any bug bites because you never know when it might be dangerous or not, so it is always better safe than sorry. Babies are tiny, which makes their skin incredibly sensitive so if there is an insect bite present, rush to the doctor because it can cause infections. Also, call in exterminators and keep the home bug-free!

take advice from doctors if needed

Final thoughts

Newborns need a lot of care, and your life will revolve around them in the following months. Parenting a newborn can be very rewarding, but it could also prove to be hard work because you won't get much rest at night or during feeding times. We hope our parenting tips for newborns will be of great help to you during this stage.

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