9 Best Outdoor Activities for Kids: Preschoolers


Kids are outdoor creatures, and outdoor activities for kids are the perfect way to keep them happy. We have compiled a list of 9 outdoor activities for kids that will be fun and educational! You'll find some old standbys like going to the playground or playing in your backyard, as well as some new ideas like outdoor team-building exercises and outdoor cooking classes. No matter what you choose from this list, you're sure to leave with a great experience!

Why are outdoor activities for kids necessary?

Kids are outdoor creatures, and outdoor activities are the perfect way to keep them happy. Playing outside allows children to explore their environment while at the same time getting exercise. It also helps promote healthy habits such as eating nutritious foods (e.g., fruits) instead of candy bars on lunch breaks. Outdoor activities should be a part of your child's daily routine. Outdoor activities for kids provide immense physical, mental, and social benefits. If you have an adventurous kid who loves nature, then taking them on a hike is ideal. It'll increase their self-esteem while also providing them with valuable life skills like problem-solving. Here are the top 9 outdoor activities for kids, especially preschoolers!

1. Scavenger hunt

Scavenger Hunts are outdoor games, where the goal is to collect as many items on a list as possible. The list can be anything from nature objects like pinecones and leaves to household goods such as keys or socks. It's best for children aged eight years old and up, who know how to read well enough to follow instructions. This game will develop their language skills by asking questions about what they find along with developing math skills while at the same time getting exercise. They'll also learn problem-solving because it may take more than one item to solve an equation of which object goes with which word on the list.

2. Shopping

Visit outdoor markets where there will be fresh produce to buy like oranges and strawberries along with other goods such as colorful clothing, jewelry, plants, and handmade items that can make an outdoor market feel more like home than a store selling nothing but clothes. Keep it educational by asking them about what they see while you shop together too so that their lessons don't stop when they step outside the school building at the end of each day! Kids are natural explorers who love to learn new things every day just because it's fun.

3. Fishing

fishing is one of the ebay outdoor activities for kids

One amazing outdoor activity for kids would be fishing. Teaching your child how to fish and allowing them to do so, will help them learn the skill and also teach them patience. The benefits of fishing are endless. It builds confidence, teaches perseverance, motor skills, appreciation of nature, independence, and also reduces anxiety. This is more than enough of a reason to be included in the top outdoor activities for kids!

4. Building Sandcastle

Building sandcastles on the beach is one outdoor activity for kids that will spend hours completing a big project. This outdoor activity provides a perfect opportunity to teach your child about teamwork, how things can be built up and broken down to make something new, design skills, perspective-taking, and more!

5. Biking

biking is one of the best outdoor activities for kids

Outdoor activities for kids have another amazing thing : bike riding would be biking. Bikes provide an easy way to get around town or exploring nature trails. Your child will also build muscle strength with this outdoor activity while reducing their chances of obesity as well as strengthening their bones and teeth. Bike rides are a win-win all around!

6. Picnics

outdoor activities for kids is picnic too

One last outdoor activities idea is picnics which should be done at least once per week when possible. This outdoor activity is a great way to enjoy nature and have some family fun together. A picnic may consist of sandwiches, fruits or vegetables, salads, or spaghetti. You'll want to plan accordingly depending on what your child is looking for in an outdoor meal experience - perhaps even inviting their friends over will make it memorable.

7. Nature walk

A nature walk is a great outdoor activity for kids. It can be done with the entire family, or just one on one to make it more personal and intimate. A nature walk will bring out your child's natural curiosity as they explore all of their senses while trying new things like tasting berries (make sure you know what kind before feeding them) or touching leaves - this type of outdoor activity for kids: preschoolers

8. Camping out under the stars

Kids love camping outside at night! You don't have to go far from home - your yard will do just fine! All you need is some outdoor space with sleeping bags/blankets, tents, etc. Bring flashlights and headlamps so they can see what's around them. Then you can teach them about constellations as they look up and get lost in the beauty of stars.

9. Go hiking

Hiking is another outdoor activities for kids

What is that one thing that kids don't enjoy in the great outdoors? Outdoor activities for kids is the answer. Hiking is one of those outdoor activities for children where they can explore at their pace without running into traffic on the road or other distractions along the way. Plus you'll go through such beautiful scenery and have lots of opportunities to teach them various aspects of the environment. As discussed before, this one is an ideal choice for an adventurous kid.

Your takeaway

outdoor activities for kids are important

Kids love the great outdoors and they are so much more capable than we give them credit for. Children love being in the great outdoors, and there is no shortage of outdoor activities that allow us to teach our young ones about their environment from a safe distance. There's nothing quite like watching a child enjoy themselves while getting some exercise at the same time, which is one reason why outdoor activities for kids are such an integral part of development.

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