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Traveling with your kid sounds challenging right? Being a parent isn''t easy and travel is particularly overwhelming.Traveling with kids can be stressful as you never know what to expect from them in case they get cranky or if they fall sick. Infants are the most unpredictable travel buddies because their needs keep on changing with their mood swings, and all the attention which means you cannot travel alone with them.



To tackle these problems here are some must-have child travel essentials you should know

1. Carry travel medical kit-

In travel, nausea and dehydration is inevitable and it is very important to carry a travel medical kit to take care of any illness until you can get medical assistance.For this, you can check with your family pediatrician, if he can provide you with a list of emergency medications for your kids.

2. Create an itinerary:

Choose the hotels, destinations to explore and activities in advance. Don’t just plan the sight-seeing but explore the places where kids can involve themselves- A water park or a snow-city.

3. Carry gears:

Traveling with toddlers is a herculean task. You have to pack their gears -  from a light-weight stroller to a travel potty kit. Pack every kid’s gear that makes them nestled up the whole day. Don’t forget to stash lots of  bibs, wipes, diapers and blankets in your bag.

4. Pay attention to hydration - 

You as well your child must drink plenty of fluids when traveling especially if the destination is far away.It is important to keep your child hydrated during the trip. Make sure that your child drinks water or juice frequently since dehydration can lead to nausea, headaches, etc. Make sure to carry enough fluids with you to avoid any problems.


5. Pack your bag full of snacks-

The hungry child can quickly turn into a cranky child when out of the house. From the moment a journey starts, kids start munching too.After every half an hour they want food. The hungrier they get, the more difficult it will be to travel easily with them. Make sure you carry enough healthy food to keep them full and happy while traveling.

6. Spare clothing -

Your child must always have adequate clothing for travel since it may get cold or hot suddenly. You don''t want to travel to a place that is different from where you live, then be caught by surprise that it isn''t the same weather. Always pack extra clothes for your child before travel, even if they wear diapers because there''s always the risk of an accident.

7. Prepare a Covid precaution kit: 

Traveling in times of covid is really difficult especially when you are traveling with kids. As a parent, you need to be extra cautious. Keep pocket sanitizers with your kids.

8. Have a bag full of tricks:

When you are traveling with a toddler who can''t distract themselves and always needs attention, Pack a bag that includes plenty of small toys, games, stickers, magnets, and coloring books. This can be a very useful trick for keeping your little one occupied with stuff.

9. Sunscreen -

Traveling to a sunny destination? Then travel-size sunscreen spray should be part of your travel essentials! Remember kids love the water but unfortunately, the sun''s dangerous rays don''t discriminate against them too so make sure you pack travel-sized sunscreen in your travel suitcase. Make sure it is high SPF for maximum protection! It would also help if you buy the travel version in an aerosol spray that is travel-sized.


10. A travel high chair -

 High chairs are important when you travel with babies. Let''s face it, the ground in many public places is not exactly clean. So make sure there is a safe place for your child to eat her meal before she pukes on the ground or something. It will help if you get one of those travel high chairs that folds up compactly so it won''t take up too much room in your luggage. It will also be more hygienic since most restaurants have dirty floors and tables!

11. Baby Carrier -

If you are travelling by car, don’t forget baby carriers which come hands-free and lightweight to ensure that your kid will stay safe in off-road and bumpy terrain.





Traveling with a child might seem overwhelming but it can also turn out to be the best memory with your child. To make sure that travel will be as smooth and stress-free as possible, we suggest that you follow these tips. It is always best to prepare first and do your homework before traveling.

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