Moral values to teach your kids to make them a better person

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  1. Why it is important to teach moral values to a kid?
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Why it is important to teach moral values to a kid?

 Do you feel that your child is still young to be taught about moral values? Remember children absorb knowledge like a sponge when they are young. So, the best time to impart and instill  key values and morals to your little ones is before the age of five. The morals you teach your children today will determine how they will behave when they become adults. Thus it is essential that we teach our children the values from this young age. Strong values and virtues make a strong character and a strong character makes a strong personality. 

 If you want them to grow up to be productive members of society,  it is important to teach them how.

In this blog, we will discuss what important values you can impart to your little one to lay down a strong foundation to their personality and make them a better person.



Ways To Teach Moral Values To Children

Many parents may argue that it is practically impossible to teach Honesty, Determination, Humility, and compassion to young children. However, if children are taught and shown the influence of moral values and virtues early in life, they will end up learning other life skills easily. Setting a good example for them at home by sticking to your virtues is the right way to teach moral values to children.


 Here are the values you can impart to your little ones:


Children can easily be attracted to various hobbies and want to give up when things get tough. It could be the abacus classes your kid begged to join and now wishes to quit because they have to practice for hours for it or may also be the chess or swimming lessons they insisted on and now feel too strenuous or hard. However, determination is an important value you must teach your little one, and encourage them to never give up.



Encourage kids to understand the importance of truth and honesty.The easiest way to impart this value is by being truthful yourself and motivating your kid to emulate it. If your child hears you easily lying even to ensure someone’s feelings don’t get hurt or to comfort the grieving person, they  will learn lying and manipulating others from a young age. Since your kid cues to you and your actions, it is critical that you must be truthful and insist on honesty in your everyday life.


Teach your kids to atone for their actions. Most of the time children act on impulse, so if they knock down the chess board because they lost a game or bring down their sibling''s toys because it was bigger than theirs; you must intervene and teach them a lesson. Ask them to apologize and make them aware that you do not appreciate as well as tolerate such behavior because acting out due to jealousy or being a sore loser is not acceptable at all. Teach children to atone for their behavior and treat others fairly.


Children can’t demonstrate humility if they can’t admit their mistakes and flaws — the ability to own mistakes is a key component of integrity and honour. When our kids are criticized, they must learn not to defend themselves instantly. One way to encourage kids to admit mistakes is by forgiving them when they confess their sins and errors. Confession makes your little one more confident than a cover-up or a lie. Kids who feel they can safely approach their parents with the truth and explain their reasons for their actions are less likely to be dishonest and defensive. By doing this parents can help the child to develop humility.



We all love celebrating our achievements and accomplishments. And we should. If you have worked hard for your achievements, it’s worth recognition and appreciation. However, talking about it all the time becomes hurtful when used to distinguish between ourselves and others. This is known as bragging. As a parent, it is our responsibility to instill the quality of humbleness in your child.Children imitate what they see. Take mindful action to watch your own words and be conscious of your behavior. Make sure never brag about yourself or anyone else. If a child is bragging to you, be an honest reflection of someone who may feel hurt, irritated or uncomfortable in light of a bragger.



 Importance of imparting moral values in kids:

  1. Moral values build their personality and character.
  2. It helps them build the skill of resilience in the early years of their life.
  3. Ethics and virtues can help kids to counter bad influences .
  4. Values and virtues help the little ones to boost their self-confidence.
  5. It changes the perception of the world for them
  6. Imparting moral values at a young age help kids to find their compassionate self.




Teaching kids moral values and conduct at a young age help them figure out their purpose in life. Educate them to distinguish the  right from the wrong. It helps them make better decisions. In turn,  it gives them the courage to cope with difficult situations. This will teach them to be more selfless and put the needs of others before themselves.

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