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How Can Parents Reduce A Child's Use Of Mobile Devices?


Today we are at one of the peaks of technological advancement. Just like a coin that has two sides, technology is both a blessing and a curse. The fact is, technology, especially mobile devices, has made our life so much easier that we all are desperately dependent on them. Kids belong to the high-risk category of this kind of addiction, and it changes the way they think, influences their behaviour, and transforms their very life. And, that is why it is imperative to reduce mobile devices addiction in kids.

a kid is addicted to mobile devices

Living in a virtual world can cause difficulties in children's social lives outside the home. When your children become so immersed in the online world, they begin to lose interest in real-life activities. Sometimes, they might even avoid face-to-face contact with their friends and relatives because of messaging apps and social media.

When a situation arises where your kids appear happy only when 

they are spending time in front of mobile devices, recognise the beginning of smartphone addiction.

Parents can establish rules as follows:

1. No mobile devices on the dining table.

2. Turn off smartphones before sleeping.

3. Hand over the phone during tests or exam weeks.

4. No finished homework, no mobile devices.

Tips You Can Use To Reduce Your Child's Mobile Devices Usage-

 two kids playing games together

1. Avoid using mobile devices in front of your toddler:

You, the parents, are responsible for introducing phones and other gadgets to your toddler. If your toddler is seeking attention, give it to them and don't hand over the phone so that you can work. It is how your child becomes addicted and knows that whenever they throw tantrums, they get a mobile phone.

2. Instead of video play the audio of rhymes:

Instead of showing the videos of rhymes, you can buy Audio CDs and play them to your toddler. This way, they will not get distracted by the bright colours and will also enjoy the rhymes playing in the background as they go on doing whatever they want to do. The other way is for parents to sing poems and verses to the baby.

3. Give more time to your toddler:

Parents should give enough time to the baby instead of mobile games. Instead of playing with mobile phones, you should play with your toddlers, talk to them, take them out to nature walk and let them explore the environment. This is the best time to create a strong parent-child bond with your toddler, wherein you can introduce good habits & manners to your toddler. Think about the times when there were no mobiles. How did the children grow up then?

parents talking about kids and mobile devices

4. Seek help from other members:

If you are in a joint family, take advantage of it and seek help from other family members to keep your child engaged in talk and play rather than handing out the mobile phone or tablets. However, if you are in a nuclear family, as is the case nowadays, you should take them out in the evenings and let them interact with other children as this will broaden their horizons.

5. Stash away all the mobile devices:

Keep all mobiles of family members far away from a child in a place where they can't reach. If you need the mobile, do it discreetly and keep it back where you have decided to stash all the mobiles. If your toddler sees you working on the mobile, tell them that it is urgent office work.

6. Be a good role model:

Remember that your child will learn from what they see you doing, so if you practice what you preach, the chances are that your toddler will get the message fast, and also not get addicted to the phone or any other gadget for that matter.

Effects Of Mobile Addiction In Kids

a confused and irritated child

1. Disturbed Brain Activities

Mobile phones function on electromagnetic waves for all forms of communication. The human brain has its own electrical impulses, and the communication process is carried out in the neural network.

In children, the waves from phones easily penetrate the internal parts of the brain. Even if a child talks on a phone for just 2 minutes, the electrical activity inside their brain can be changed. This unusual activity causes a change in mood patterns and behavioural tendencies. Therefore children may have trouble learning new things or focusing properly.

2. Sleep Disruption

Children may stay up late playing games or scroll through social media. It can cause fatigue and restlessness.  Lack of sleep disrupts their academic life, as kids become too sleepy to concentrate on what is taught at school.


a child looking into his phone

This blog can help you lessen your child's usage of electronic devices.  Parents cannot tell kids to stop using mobile devices. After all, parents as adults even need and use it for their own benefit. 

Parents can, however, stop their kids from being addicted to it by setting an example and having a careful and thorough explanation as to why there is a need to limit their phone usage. By following the tips above, parents can raise their kids to be more responsible and successful.

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