Make your child courageous: Teach them how to overcome fear

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It is a parent''s duty to make sure their children are brave, and not afraid of things. How can you do this? How about reading books about overcoming fear? Or taking them to fun activities that teach bravery? This blog post will discuss different ways parents can help their children learn how to overcome fear and be brave!


Tips on How to overcome fear

1. Be patient: 

Remember not to rush your child. It takes some time for them to develop, so try and be patient with their progress.

2. Avoid comparing: 

Don''t compare any scared child to other children or siblings! Just because they aren''t as confident in themselves doesn''t mean they are any less brave than you were at their age. How about encouraging them by telling them how brave they are? Do it today!

3. Teach them how to overcome fear: 

How about teaching them different ways to tackle their fears. For instance, if your child is afraid of the dark try getting a nightlight or reading books together before bedtime! You could also teach them ways that will help ease their fear like taking deep breaths when feeling scared in order to calm themselves down.

4. Be Brave: 

How about encouraging them to face their fears, like having a sleepover with friends they haven''t seen in a while? This will help your child learn that even though you might feel scared at first it''s ok because everything is going to be alright! How about talking through things as well? If there are any current issues your child might be dealing with, like moving to a new school or having problems at playtime, this is the perfect time to talk through them! How about setting aside some family game nights and playing charades? This will help your child feel more comfortable talking about what''s going on in their life.

5. Give them control: 

How about setting up a safe space for your child to feel in complete control of? How about having them pick out their favorite stuffed animal, blanket or pillow and letting them take it everywhere they go!

6. Encourage imagination: 


How about hosting a dress-up party with all the friends that are over. This will give your children an opportunity to get creative with their costumes! How about letting them take turns choosing the theme of your dress-up party?

7. Model bravery: 

How about having a family movie night and watching an old black and white classic film like The Wizard of Oz. This will inspire your children to be brave, just as Dorothy was in this iconic story!

8. Lead by example: 


How about taking a random walk through the park with your child and letting them lead. How about giving them their own flashlight for this adventure? This will show your children that anything is possible when you are brave!

9. Answer their questions: 

How about asking your child what they think will happen when you go to the doctor and get a shot. How about having them give you realistic answers? This is a great way for children to learn that things often turn out better than expected!

10. Avoid negative self-talk: 

How about avoiding phrases like ''I can''t do it'' or ''I''m too scared''. How about telling your child that they will try their best, and if it doesn''t work out then we''ll get through it together. This is a good way to teach children how to be brave!

11. Draw from past experiences: 

How about drawing on memories of times when you were afraid but overcame the fear? For example, how about drawing on memories of when you were young and went to the doctor. How about having them recall what it was like before they got their shot? How did everyone manage to get through that together? How might this be a good opportunity for your child to learn bravery from an early age!

12. Stay Calm: 


How about staying calm when you are with your child? How might it help them to stay relaxed and remember that they''re okay, even if the situation may not seem like it at first!

13. Take little steps: 

How about drawing on memories of when you were little and worked up to things? How might your child be excited by the idea of facing their fear one small step at a time!

14. Mental Picture: 

How about doing something that will help them focus on what they are trying to accomplish rather than being afraid. How might having a mental picture or example in their mind, like you bravely climbing that tree as a child can help them to feel inspired!

15. Remind your child of how far they have come: 

How about reminding your kids of all the other times they''ve been scared but still tried something new and stepped outside of their comfort zone? How might making sure that they know it''s ok to feel scared sometimes and that you are always there for their help give your child the confidence they need.




The journey of parenting is not easy, and it can be scary. It''s important to teach your children how to overcome their fears in a healthy way so they grow up brave and confident. We hope this article has helped you understand what you need to do next time your child faces fear head-on. If you want more tips on overcoming fear or teaching kids the importance of bravery, there are plenty of resources for parents who care about raising happy, courageous kids! Go through the rest of our blogs to know many such unknown topics so far.

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