Make Learning English for Kids Easier Through These 13 Activities

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Learning English for kids is difficult, but it is especially hard for toddlers. These little ones are just beginning to learn about the world around them; moreover, they have so much energy that they want to use!

This blog post will give you activities that will help your toddler improve their English skills while having fun at the same time. Check out these great ideas to kick start learning English for kids today!


List Of Activities For Learning English For Kids.


  1. Word games: Teaching your toddler new words in English is an excellent way for learning English for kids. Be creative with this! Try using different colours, animals, or even shapes as you work together with your child. It is important that they know what these new words mean before incorporating them into their vocabulary. If you have trouble coming up with ideas, check out word games for toddlers.
  2. Hand Games:Hand signs are a fun way to start learning English for kids. This exercise will be a lot of fun and can help your child excel in their communication skills. However, they mustn''t know the meaning behind any sign at this stage in their development as it will be hard for them to separate what things mean when trying to learn new words.
  3. Picture Dictionary:Now that they are starting to become familiar with some basic signs, it is time to begin using an actual dictionary! Make learning English for kids even more fun by turning the pages together while pointing out each picture.
  4. Flashcard Game:Flashcards can be used in multiple ways. The first way is to place pictures on one side and the written out word on the other so that they can match them together. Another learning English for kids activity is to put signs above each picture for your child to imitate while you say it, or vice versa! Just make sure to mix it up, so they don''t get bored.
  5. Sing-Along:This is one of the easiest ways of English learning for kids. Sing songs that you know with actions or let them teach you some nursery rhymes that they already know (there are tons available online).
  6. Name Game:The Name Game may seem simple, but there are so many things that you can do with it! Name something in the room around you, or have them name different parts of their body. You could also play ''Simon Says'' where they only follow your commands if Simon says so (connects to ''do as I say not as I do'').
  7. Play Time:This is a great time to take out some toys and maybe even start teaching them how to clean up after themselves!
  8. Watch TV/Movies:Watching movies in any language can be confusing, so why not pick an English film that you know the plot of already? You could also try watching cartoons or episodes from kid''s shows that are in English.
  9. Read:Kids love to be read to! Just make sure you''re reading them something they enjoy and not trying to shove the Cat In The Hat down their throats (unless, of course, that''s what they like). You could also try playing a little ''I Spy'' or having them point out animals on every page.
  10. Rhymes:Toddlers love to mimic what they see and hear, so why not make up some silly rhymes or songs with them? This will help them learn English language, its words and sounds.
  11. Tongue twisters:Another good way for learning English for kids words is through tongue twisters. You could try making one up on the fly or repeating a common phrase but quickly changing some of the sounds around.
  12. Puzzles:Puzzles are great for toddlers because they''re fun yet give them valuable problem-solving skills at the same time. For older toddlers, you can buy them puzzles that have more pieces to keep the challenge going.
  13. Read together:Reading with your child is another excellent activity learning English for kids. You could also try reading some books in different languages and see if they notice!



The more your child is exposed to English, the better they will be at learning English for kids. We know this is not easy when you have a busy schedule, but our list of activities for toddlers should help make things easier! Your little one will love these fun ideas that expose them to both written and spoken English in an engaging way - all with just 10 minutes of your time each day. 

Which activity below sounds like something you or your toddler would enjoy? Let us know how it goes by leaving a comment on this blog post!

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