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Toddlers are curious and playful tiny humans that love to learn. They spend a lot of their time exploring the world around them, and they''re constantly asking questions about everything. Learning to trust can be a lot of fun for toddlers. But what about counting for kids? They might not understand the concept of numbers until they get older, but they''ll still enjoy following along with any counting for kids'' song or rhyme! 


Counting is also a valuable math skill that will help your toddler know what number comes after the one they are currently holding. If we start getting into much more sophisticated concepts, it might be too difficult for them to wrap their little minds around those ideas yet. But counting will help them learn some of the simple foundations that will come in handy all their lives! This blog post will talk about toddler learning activities and games you can do with your toddlers to help them learn more while having fun! 


10 ways to make counting for kids to 10 super fun!

1. Get these cute little make-your-own-puppet finger puppets

This is a fun way of counting for kids as they get to choose which puppet they want and hence make their counting-to-10 fun time so much more worthwhile. With these puppets, all you have to do is print, cut out the finger puppets and let your kids create their own!


2. Get some simple flashcards on counting for kids

Flashcards are easy to carry around, and kids can quickly learn simple counting via flashcards displaying attractive colourful numbers!

3. Add fun sound effects to counting for kids

Kids will love the idea of making counting a fun time with sound effects. You can make simple sounds such as a click when saying 1, clap hands for two and snap fingers for three and so on. They will enjoy this and remember that much better!

4. Let your kids write the numbers on the floor using chalk

Get some simple chalk and have them draw the numbers 1-10 on the carpet or even outside for you! They will spend hours playing with this.


5. Make counting raindrops fun!

Capture your child''s imagination by making raindrops fall from the sky when counting for kids. You can also make it fun by painting on the board a cloud background and then counting falling drops of rain! This, too, will be fun for them. Use bright coloured paints to add some colour, and they will love it even more!

6. Make a number maze

Make a number maze for them to solve. You can easily make this using sticky notes and cardboard boxes. Stick blue stickers on one side of the box, read on the other end and yellow in between them! This will be fun for your kids as they''ll have to count their way through the boxes!

7. Counting for kids with ice cubes

This is a fun way to teach counting for your children. Freeze some toy cars, draw pictures, and use them in this activity. When you say ''one car'', they should remove one of the toys from the freezer. You can open it again when you get to five! This will be great fun for your kids as they''ll enjoy counting the toys and playing with them!


8. Beading counting for kids to get used to numbers

You can easily make this at home by using rubber bands! Use one round for each bead. Once you get to ten, make your number card representing the quantity. Your child can then practise counting the dots and writing down that number from one to ten! This is a great way to teach your kids number recognition while also getting them involved in an art project at the same time.

9. Counting apples: Make counting for kids fun!

If your child is a bit younger, teach them counting by using items they are familiar with! For instance, you can measure the apples in this picture. All you need to do is point out the number of things you are measuring and let your kid write down that digit.


10. Counting clothes: Make counting fun for kids

Who said you need to use just objects to teach your child how to count? You can do so by wearing clothes as well! All you have to do is point out the different clothing colours. For instance, you can ask, ''How many white shirts are there?''


Benefits of starting counting for kids early on in life!

1. Mental Math:

Kids who are taught to count early on in life tend to have an easier time doing mental math. A child can find out the answer just by counting.

2. Improved Memory:

Learning how to count at a young age can also help your kid improve their memory because it trains them to recognize numbers and know how to associate them with suitable objects or things. They''ll also be able to recognize written numbers easier if they''re taught through counting.

3. A Fun Play Activity

Children introduced to counting have fun playing with the numbers and doing activities that involve it at a young age. So, find ways to make counting to 10 fun for kids, and they''ll surely enjoy doing it!


4. Less Frustration:

Once you teach your child how to count, you can expect them not to get frustrated when solving a problem or to answer a question involving numbers. Instead, they will be able to do it quickly because they already have some knowledge and understanding of how to count.

5. Easy Learning:   

Of course, as you teach your kids about counting, they''ll learn it faster because the concept is relatively easy to grasp. So, after teaching them how to count in an exciting way, they''ll be able to remember numbers easily.



Counting for kids to 10 is a foundational skill, but it can get tedious. Making this task more fun and engaging is by turning counting into a game with parents or caregivers. You may have heard about the benefits of teaching your child how to count in Spanish – not only will they learn another language, they''ll also be learning math skills! The best part? These games are all accessible online! So, you don''t have to spend any money whatsoever when trying them out with your little one at home. If you''re looking for some ideas on how to make their homework timeless and frustrating, we''ve got just what you need - check out these excellent tips from our education experts today!

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