Indoor Games For Kids To Keep Them Entertained and Light

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Is it raining outside, or is it too cold to step out? How are you going to stop your children from stepping out?  You would need a lesson plan for indoor games for kids. So that they are engaged in their work, and you do your piece of work calmly. So, here are some great indoor games that will keep kids entertained!



List of Indoor games for kid

  1. Hide and Seek

Kids love to play this game outside as well as inside the house. You can buy fun toys or props to make it more interesting.


  1. Charades 

This is a good game for a toddler who might not be able to read, but they have an idea of what the word means from seeing it on tv or reading about it in books. It helps improve their oral language skills too!

  1. Board Games

There are so many out there with different levels of complexity - choose one that matches your child''s age and ability level!


  1. Color Targets

Draw a different colour target on the floor in each room of your house, and put some indoor treasures or treats at that spot. Have them find the right colours to get their prize!

  1. Football maze

Draw a labyrinth on the floor using chalk, and tell them to put their ball in one of the goals. This indoor activity is a fun way to get the kids in on some competition-based exercise. Give each child their football and have them race across an upended rug, through chairs, and around obstacles as they try to make it to one of two goals at the end of your designated course. The first player who makes it to the goal is the winner.


  1. Paper Plate Marble track

Create a marble track using scraps of paper and glue, then use your hands to put together another indoor activity for kids by creating the perfect course. Put one hand on each side of their head so that they can see out but not move it from this position. Let them close their eyes tightly and have them follow the sound in order to find where you are. Then have them turn around and do the same thing with their eyes open to make it a little more complicated.

  1. Marble game

Create a marble game with your child. Fill the room with pillows and let them crawl around for about 20 minutes. Then, when they''re close to you, help them stand up and walk over as fast as they can.

  1. Vertical bowling plastic cups

Create a vertical tower of plastic cups for your child to knock down.


  1. Pillow Crawling

You can create indoor activities by creating the perfect course, filling a room with pillows and letting them crawl around there for about 20 minutes, or create an indoor activity that lets kids use their creativity - paint on paper plates! You can make indoor games more challenging.

  1. Indoor Basketball

You could fill up a trash can with pillows to make indoor basketball more comfortable.

  1. Drawing

This indoor activity is as simple as grabbing some paper and letting your child draw whatever they want! You can also let them paint or colour any way they like so that this indoor game would be fun for kids of all ages.


  1. Funny Sorting

One indoor game for kids with tons of fun is a ''Funny Sorting'' activity. If you''ve never heard of this before, it''s basically where the child has to sort objects like socks or empty paper rolls into matching sets.

  1. Puzzles

Puzzles are one indoor activity we don''t think gets enough credit! Putting together a jigsaw puzzle is actually really satisfying, plus it''s suitable for kids'' problem-solving skills.


  1. Storytelling

Storytime can be made indoor with this indoor game! If you''re looking to do something easy and fun, have your child make up their own stories or read one of their favourite books.

  1. Indoor Spy Course

This indoor activity is a lot of fun for both kids and adults! You can set up the house to become an indoor spy course with secret messages, hidden objects, or clues.




This has been a long list of great indoor activities to do with the kids, but don''t stop here! There are many more ways you can engage your little ones without having to leave your home. There''s something for everyone in these 15+ Indoor Activities for Kids, from puzzles and board games to card games and video games! We hope that some if not all of these suggestions will keep both you and your family entertained as we wait out this cold weather together! If you''re looking for some help coming up with other ideas or want someone else who understands what it''s like being a parent, let us know by visiting our blog anytime.

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