Inculcate Habit of Reading in Kids

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  2. Why is Reading Important for Kids?
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Reading books is one of the most basic as well as fundamental habits required to be developed at an early age in kids for the betterment of their academic future. Some kids are naturally interested in reading books and some are not and even if your kid falls into the second category, you don’t need to worry. We are here to help you.

Reading good books can give a good warm up to your child''s brain. Research says that efficient reading at the early educational stage can give a long lasting literacy boost to your child’s brain. Reading books enhances a kid''s vocabulary, concentration, fluency, language and also communication.


Why is Reading Important for Kids?

Before knowing how to build your kid’s interest in reading books, let’s first talk about why is it important for a parent to develop good reading habits in their kid?

1. It helps them make sense of the world around them.

As they learn to read they are able to determine what things around them say – from signs to stickers to labels. Being able to read helps them understand what is what and the purpose it serves.

2. It leads to their future academic success.

A child must be able to read in order to even progress through school. Reading is essential to following the instructions on the test and being able to even understand or answer the questions.


3. It enhances their imagination.

As a child reads, they can begin to imagine where the characters are. They might even create their own little world, as well. Reading enhances their imagination by forcing them to picture what the character actually looks like and who they are.

4. It improves their grammar.

Through reading, they can see how the author composed their sentence structure and grammar. This can also help improve their communication skills as they determine how it should be read using clues such as punctuation. 


5 Ways to Instill Love for Reading in Kids

Now that you know the magical benefits of encouraging a reading habit in your child, let us tell you the easiest way to get the goal achieved. Channelize your child’s mind for Books as a source of great entertainment along with a tinge of education.

1. Make reading a daily habit.

From the day your new-born comes home, you can start raising a reader. Babies respond to the soothing rhythm of a voice reading aloud, as well as to being cuddled on a warm lap. If you make reading part of your daily routine, your child is likely to grow up looking forward to it.


2. Read in front of your child.

Whether you love books, magazines, or graphic novels, let your child see you reading. Kids learn from what they observe. If you’re excited about reading, your child is likely to catch your enthusiasm.

3. Create a reading space.

Your reading space doesn’t have to be big or have a lot of bookshelves. It can be a corner of the couch or a chair in the room where your child sleeps. Picking a comfy spot that has enough light and room to keep a book or two can help your child connect reading with coziness and comfort.

4. Take trips to the library.

The library is a great place to explore new books and authors for free. Many libraries also have story hours or other literacy programs for kids. Trips to the library give your child a chance to develop good reading habits and to see other kids doing the same thing.


5. Find reading moments in everyday life.

Reading isn’t just about sitting down with a good book. It’s a part of daily life, too. As you go through your day, help your child keep an eye out for “reading moments.” They may be as simple as reading road signs, grocery lists, or recipes.


Common Reading Issues in Children

Not all issues are serious or require remedial reading help. Some common reading problems are easily diagnosed and treated, while others may require additional resources. Your child may have difficulty with the early reading skills due to:

  • Poor Vision
  • Hearing loss
  • Improper directional tracking
  • Poor comprehension skills
  • Issues with Decoding
  • ADD
  • ADHD
  • Dyslexia



Studies show that reading for pleasure makes a big difference to children’s educational performance. Likewise, evidence suggests that children who read for enjoyment every day not only perform better in reading tests than those who do not, but also develop a broader vocabulary, increased general knowledge and a better understanding of other cultures. 

What was your first read? Maybe the same book can ignite the passion of reading in your child too!

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