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Travelling with little ones is a lot of fun, but it can also be highly exhausting. You need to pack all their things, feed them three times a day, entertain them in the car and try not to lose your temper when they throw you for the third time in one hour. If you are thinking about travelling with toddlers or small children this summer, here are 12 tips for travelling with kids that will help make your trip more enjoyable.


Top 12 tips for travelling with kids:


Following are the top 12 tips to travel with kids:

Tip 1: Make a suitable travel plan

Do not make the mistake of thinking that kids are resilient. They can get upset quickly, and they need to rest and eat frequently. Make sure you know what is ahead in your travel plans before leaving home, so you have made arrangements for their needs along the way. For example, if you are driving far away from home, look into staying at an overnight hotel or camping site with family rooms with less noise than in standard hotel rooms.

Tip 2: Entertain your kids

Keep kids entertained during long journeys. You might want to make a list of your children''s favourite shows and movies available on DVD, tablet or smartphone. Get their favourite snacks ready for them as well, along with some drinks in case it gets too thirsty from all that travel time. It is also wise to pack at least one new toy or book they have never seen before if you can find it – this will keep them excited about what might be coming next!

Tip 3: Avoid peak hours of traffic

Try to avoid the peak hours of traffic. This is the most crucial tip to travel with kids. If you have no idea where those are, try mapping out your route and times beforehand – but stay away from them as much as possible!

Tip 4: Make and check the list of belongings

Make a list of all the things that need packing for each child before going on a long journey with kids. This tip for travelling with kids will help make sure nothing gets missed, especially if more than one little kid joins in on this fun time together!. At least check through it once or twice just to be safe, though, which should take around 20 minutes at most!

Tip 5: Keep emergency supplies with yourself

Pack some emergency supplies right up until you leave – they could come in handy when needed, such as band-aids, children''s medicines like pain killers, any creams that may be required like Sudocrem, Nappy rash creams, and any wipes for the kids to use!

Tip 6: Keep kids'' toys with yourself while travelling


Use child-friendly travel toys – they can keep children entertained throughout most journeys with their favourite characters or things which is always a good idea. They are also kept busy during this time, so it''s less likely you will have tantrums on your journey together!. This way everyone stays happy while travelling!

Tip 7: Bring sufficient homemade food

Pack enough food & snacks along the way, too - keeping them fed should help make sure there isn''t a meltdown at some point when hungry but no food available. It would happen all of the time, especially if travelling were not many options around eating unless dining out in restaurants regularly. If possible, plan to eat out at meal times around the journey.

Tip 8: Play with your kids and share toys

Pack a favourite toy or something they can take turns playing with if you are travelling in the car/bus etc. It''s also good for sharing and getting them used to do that, which is always helpful when it comes down to playing nicely together at home. This tip will help avoid tantrums along your trip!

Tip 9: Accommodation should be spacious while travelling

Make sure everyone has enough space & time during journeys. Hence, there isn''t any fighting breaking out because someone wants more attention than others - this could lead to an argument with too much encouragement from siblings leading up disagreements between one another just before starting on their road trip!. Try taking separate cars instead of travelling together every day.

Tip 10: Be prepared while going abroad

If you are going abroad, make sure everyone knows the language of that country. This tip for travelling with kids is essential for needing help from locals, which doesn''t always have to be in English - so knowing another language would come in handy!

Tip 11: Don''t take any gadgets while on a trip.

Take along some favourite toys & games but no screens or devices for kids! Even though this tip seems quite apparent with travelling with toddlers, sometimes parents can fall into traps and take their iPads, etc., with them on trips just because they need time out themselves after being surrounded by children all day long too. So do not give your child any gadgets unless necessary !!!

Tip 12: Be healthy during travel

No matter how difficult it may seem, try keeping everything as healthy as possible while travelling with children. This is very important to keep your child''s immune system strong and healthy! And if you''re not eating well yourself, this will affect your toddler''s mood, too, so it''s a win-win situation for everyone when keeping things healthy while on vacation!!!




The 12 tips for travelling with kids we''ve provided should give you some great insight to help make your next family vacation go more smoothly. Whether they are just starting or have been travelling for years, these kids'' travel experts offer invaluable advice on planning and avoiding the common pitfalls of travel with children in tow. We hope this blog has helped equip you with valuable information that will let you enjoy your next trip even more than before! What was most helpful? If there is anything else about travelling with children that you would like us to explore further, please let us know.

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