9 Amazing Ways To Teach Numbers For Kids

Till how much can your kid count? Can he count them off on his fingers? What about the letters of the alphabet? Can he recite them all in order without thinking too much? If not, don't worry! Your kid is not alone. For most kids, it is hard to remember things like this when they weren't taught early on in life. This post will focus on teaching numbers for kids by using fun games that make learning easy and enjoyable for everyone.

Techniques to teach numbers for kids

Without numbers, we wouldn't be able to count our money, do basic math operations like subtraction and division, or see how many days are left until the weekend. Even though numbers seem simple on their own, it can be hard for kids to learn them without engaging with number education materials of some sort. Here is a list of techniques that teachers use in classrooms around the world to teach numbers for kids.

1. Games

Try playing games involving counting so you can reinforce what your child has learned at school. For instance, if they were learning about food groups and vegetables today try having them count out four pieces of broccoli instead of three next time you cook together. Make sure this activity does not just feel like another chore by incorporating fun facts into these games.

2. Cards

learning numbers for kids through cards is important

If you want to make learning numbers more fun and less of a task, try playing cards with your child. There are plenty of games out there that involve counting and these can help them get the hang of it in an easier way than trying to memorize facts by heart.

3. Board

learning number for kids through board games is important

Another way to make learning numbers more fun is by playing a board game. These types of games are especially great if you have young children because they allow them to move around and feel as though it might be easier since there is some activity involved, but this will definitely help them learn the basics without making it seem like a chore.

4. Colors

 colors through numbers for kids is important

One of the best ways for kids to learn about numbers is through colors, as they tend to be able to pull off such large amounts at once on their own little fingers! Try teaching them how many red or blue objects there are around your house or just next time you go shopping together ask them what number item they think is on sale today before checking the price tag yourself too quickly!

5. Role Play

Roleplaying is a great way for teaching numbers for kids as they get to actively participate in the process. This doesn’t have to be anything formal, just pick a number and play shop or restaurant together! Let them take on the role of cashier and let you pay for your goods while they practice counting out change.

6. Number Puzzles

Another way to teach numbers for kids would be through puzzles. There are plenty available in stores that allow the child to put pieces in order from least to greatest (or vice versa depending on how good they are at reverse engineering!) It might even be worth buying one set initially then splitting it into two halves so each half also has different amounts once all finished putting everything back together again!

7. Object Count

If you're looking for a fun way to teach numbers, then why not try it out with objects around the house! From stuffed toys and lego bricks to fruit in your kitchen. You can pick different categories of items or simply number them from least to greatest as they find each item one by one. This is a great method to teach numbers for kids for it can be done at home easily!

8. Number Hunt

You can also go on little treasure hunts for each number, hiding objects around the house starting at one all the way up until you get to twenty-five! This could be done through playing outside during free playtime or even whilst taking part in your daily chores if they're old enough. Don't forget that it doesn't have anything to do with age here - any child will enjoy this game regardless of how old they are.

9. Number Scavenger Hunt

learning number for kids through scavenger hunt is important

You can also play a number scavenger hunt by putting numbers in specific places around the house and garden - such as behind the door, under your dog's bowl, inside your shoe, etc. This will encourage them to get up and start exploring whilst learning about their new favorite subject: maths! You could even make this into a game that you compete against each other with by putting more than one number in different locations... whoever finds all of them first wins!

Final thoughts

learning numbers for kids is important

Teaching numbers for kids might seem hard at first but it isn't that hard. Numbers are very important for everyone as it is present literally everywhere. It is a great idea to get into the habit of teaching numbers for kids from an early age, not just because it will help them in school but because once they have learned about maths then everything else will be much easier.

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