How to Spice up a Child's School Lunch?

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Back-to-school means packing school lunches, which is one of our least favourite jobs. However time-consuming it may be, we believe it is critical to send our school-aged children out with a balanced, nutritious lunch to feed their minds and bodies while they smash their reading, writing, and mathematics.

The time and energy it takes to pack a balanced lunch day after day after day may be tiring. So in an attempt to make your life simpler and spice the school lunch up, we''ve provided you with simple tweaks on traditional lunchtime cuisine, as well as sides and snacks you may not have considered.


School Lunch Preparation Tips


1. Plan your meals for school lunch for the entire week, or at least one day, if feasible. If you plan ahead of time what you''re going to prepare, you''ll be halfway there.

2. Soak the grains and legumes as directed. If you want to soak beans for the entire week, soak them on the weekend and put them in the refrigerator for a couple of days.

3. Though grains such as rice and millet do not need to be soaked, doing so removes anti-nutrients and saves cooking time.

4. On the weekend, make sprouts from green mung beans, moth beans, and black chickpeas to utilize throughout the week.

5. Whenever possible, buy vegetables and fruits ahead of time, preferably on weekends.


Why Is It Necessary To Plan Your Kid''s School Lunch


Cooking and planning daily meals takes time and care. Though elaborate cooking is not possible for everyone every day, we should not overlook the importance of preparing a nutritious and fresh school lunch because a good diet is essential for overall wellness.

Healthy and clean eating should become a part of our daily habit rather than a 7-day or 21-day challenge. So, with good preparation, you may prepare all of your meals at home every day without spending the entire day in the kitchen.


Take A Look At Some School Lunch Recipe

Some recipes you can try to spice up your kids'' school lunch:

1. Pasta

Noodles are maybe the most popular kid meal ever. So you don''t have to tell your kids that they''re also the world''s most flexible transport for vegetables. You can try the recipe: Butterfly Pasta Salad.

Other recipes for Pasta school Lunch:

        • Ranch-Style Pasta with rotini, ham, cheese cubes, shredded carrot, and ranch dressing.
        • Wagon-Wheel Pizza Pasta: wagon-wheel Pasta + mozzarella + marinara sauce + your child''s preferred pizza topping; served warm in a flask.
        • Pesto Penne Salad consists of penne, cherry tomatoes, chickpeas, mozzarella, and pesto.
        • Orzo + canned tuna + sweet corn + olive oil = Tuna & Sweet Corn

2. Sunbutter

Sunbutter: To add additional flavours, mix either ground cinnamon or chocolate powder. Sunbutter & Honey Waffle Kabobs are a must-try recipe.

Other recipes for Sunbutter school lunch:

        • Crepes with Sunbutter and Jelly: store-bought crepes + jelly + sun butter.
        • Sunbutter & Banana Toast consists of banana slices, sun butter, and English muffins.
        • Sunbutter Pancake Pizza is made using leftover pancakes, sun butter, and fruit.
        • Sandwiches with Sunbutter and Apples: cinnamon sun butter spread between cored apple slices.

3. Chicken Rotisserie

Like pulling a rabbit out of a hat to bring supper on the table, Precooked Chicken also works well for lunch. Try The Recipe: Chicken Nacho Box

Other recipes for Rotisserie Chicken School Lunch:

        • Cobb Salad Kabobs: skewered chicken pieces, cherry tomatoes, cucumber, bacon, and a hard-boiled egg.
        • Chicken Quesadilla: prepared in a pan with shredded Chicken, shredded cheese, and a tortilla.
        • Shredded chicken + BBQ sauce + pickles + hamburger bread = BBQ Chicken Sandwich
        • Chicken Salad Lettuce Cups: chicken cubes, apples, grapes, celery, and mayonnaise wrapped in Bibb lettuce leaves and sealed with an ice pack.

4. Eggs

These tiny fellas are filling and high in protein, and they can tackle lunch just as quickly as they can breakfast.

Other Egg School Lunch Recipes:

        • Hard-Boiled Dippy Eggs: puffed quinoa + crushed garlic chips + toasted sesame seeds + Italian seasoning; eggs dipped in crunchies
        • Omelet Wrap: fried egg + ham + cheese; rolled
        • Mediterranean Pita: roasted vegetables + chopped egg + hummus + pita
        • Egg & Cheese Muffin: sliced hard-boiled egg + ricotta combined with pesto + English muffin; packed with an ice pack

5. Empanadas Wrappers

No child could resist these portable pockets of yumminess. Make a bunch, and you''ll be suitable for several weeks. Try These Sausage & Cheese Empanadas

More Recipes for Empanada School Lunch:

        • Creamy Chicken consists of shredded Chicken, sautéed onion and mushrooms, ground cumin, chilli powder, cream cheese, and empanada wrappers.
        • Cooked onion + shredded cheese + parsley + empanada wrappers = Cheese & Onion.
        • Chilli consists of leftover chilli, rice, cheese, and empanada wrappers.
        • Empanada wrappers + sliced ham + sliced cheese = Ham & Cheese.

6 Sweet potatoes

This potato has fibre, vitamin A, iron, and calcium in every bite, no matter how you slice it. Sweet Potato Cakes are a must-try recipe.

More Recipes for Sweet Potato School Lunch:

        • Sweet Potato Quesadillas: prepared in a pan with mashed sweet potato, shredded cheese, and a tortilla.
        • Sweet potato fries + hard-boiled egg + lettuce + hummus + pita = Roasted Sweet Potato Pita.
        • Sweet Potato Toast: toasted sweet potato slices with mashed avocado or cottage cheese and fruit on top.
        • Sweet Potato Mac'' n'' Cheese: mac ''n'' cheese plus cooked sweet potato pieces; served warm in a thermos.

7. Cooked Rice

Today''s lunch can be a genuine cutup when you get creative with sandwich cutters and yesterday night''s leftovers (ba-dum-ching!). Try This Recipe: Veggie Burritos

Other Rice School Lunch Recipes:

        • Rice Bowl (risotto + roasted vegetables + salad dressing)
        • Rice + leftover carnitas + nori wraps = Nori Wrap.
        • Rice Fritters: rice + egg + Parmesan; shaped into patties and deep-fried.
        • Rice + shredded carrot + edamame + soy sauce + honey + lime + meat or egg = Fried rice.




Keep ready-to-use proteins and quick-cooking grains on hand, such as quinoa, basmati rice, canned salmon, tuna, or beans. With those items, you may make a grain bowl or a container lunch. Having a variety of olive oils, vinegar, and tamari on hand may help you prepare a delicious dressing for your kid''s school lunch.

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