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Many things can be done to help make successful kids in preschool. There are tons of activities and habits that you can start doing now to ensure that they will have a head start on kindergarten. Here are the top 14 tips for making your children successful kids in preschool!


Top 14 tips to make your children successful kids in preschool

Following are the top 14 tips to make your children successful kids in preschool:

1. Make them feel special

Make them feel special with their own unique identity by giving names that are not very common. For example, Peter is a nice name but it''s too popular for your child to stand out of the crowd when he goes to preschool. Try naming him Paul or something like ''Eshan'' instead! Unique identity and different ways of thinking can lead to making successful kids.

2. Sharing is caring

Teach them about sharing and taking turns which will help in improving their social skills at such an early age before they start going to school. Your children should be able to play along with other kids without having any tantrums because this also helps develop good communication and listening skills besides participating positively in group activities.

3. Make sure how in day care kids are taken care of

If you''re looking forward to enrolling your toddler into a daycare centre then make sure that you take some time off yourself to visit the centre and observe how well the kids are taken care of. If you notice anything that doesn''t suit your kid then choose another daycare or home provider because it''s important for him or her to feel safe and comfortable while at playtime with other children.

4. Know about their favourite toys

Toddlers often get attached quickly so make sure you know which type of toys they like best before purchasing them from a toy store: try avoiding noisy ones, dolls, and stuffed animals if he gets irritated by such things easily! You should also be careful about what kind of books you lend your child as some might contain scary images too - just tell one thing in common is that it is always fun when playing together with their friends during free time at school.

5. Help them in answering the questions they ask

Keep asking questions related to the activity they are currently doing - this will encourage them to use their imagination and be more focused on what''s in front of them, which is a great skill for future academics!

6. Help them in creative activities


Toddlers love imitating others so it''s always best when you can either do something with your child or let him watch someone else while he plays. If you want to make sure that he does not get bored easily with his toys then bring some snacks along with you as well: we recommend dried fruit over sugary candy bars since toddlers tend to have hyperactive days due to sugar overload.

7. Keep your kids surrounded by positive people

Surrounding your toddler with positive people like peers and teachers also helps build confidence within themselves: remember that kids learn from each other at school all the time.

8. Bring them their favourites

Do not forget to bring your child''s favourite teddy bear or doll with them as well since kids often make imaginary friends at this age! These can be especially helpful when you are sending your toddler off for the first day of school by making him/her feel safe and secure in a new environment.

9. Sign up for extra classes for kids


We also recommend signing up for an extra class such as dancing, swimming, music, etc: it is never too early to start working on those social skills so they can become more confident adults later on in life! For older toddlers, we suggest cooking classes instead if he/she seems hesitant about trying out new activities that involve water.

10. Ensure your kids school environment

Parents should also look into the school and ensure that it is a safe environment with good teachers. The quality of education at preschool can be much lower than elementary so beware! It''s never too early to start building those foundations for your child’s future educational success.

11. Introduce them with games

You might want to introduce some basic learning tools such as flashcards or word puzzles: these will help build up their knowledge base and encourage brain development from an early age which will set them apart in later life when they enter middle school. Children develop very rapidly before entering elementary school. All we need to do is provide stimulation through games and activities that match their skill level best!

12. Give them some quality time


We highly recommend setting aside time each day where you sit down with your child and go over the day’s lesson. Make it fun, make it engaging but most of all make sure they know how important school is to their future success.

13. Try not to yell at them


Children learn more effectively when they are relaxed; try not to yell at them or discipline them harshly during practice time as this will leave a lasting impression on them that will hurt their progress in later life. Be supportive to make successful kids in preschool.

14. Play games with your children

Games like interactive learning tools like online flashcards can help bring concepts alive for your kids by giving visual demonstrations which aid memory retention (a very powerful difference maker). Try using something practical such as ABC mouse - an award-winning site that provides free education for preschoolers from math lessons to reading comprehension exercises. This will surely help you to make your children successful kids.




As parents, it can be difficult to know how best to support our children while they are in preschool. It is so important for us as moms and dads to do what we can at home before the kids go back because there’s no telling who will influence them or teach them once they’re away from you. We want your child-whoever he or she may be-to come out of school knowing that his/her family loves him/her unconditionally and will always have an open door waiting! Above are some tips on how you can help your toddlers become successful kids in preschool with these top 14 suggestions. Have any other ideas? Share them below!

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