How to prepare a child for nursery school?

Listen children..

“..When the bell rings we are dismissed for lunch hour! And what do we eat? Can anyone tell me!”

“Ma’am we eat apples, because mom says an apple a day keeps the doctor away!! So no injection!”, a little voice from the back of the classroom beamed with joy. It’s Mia!

Today is little Mia’s first day of nursery school, she’s doing great so far. She’s actually made it through a whole half day without any kind of hassle. Her parents are so proud of her! But how did they do it?

Little Rohan has been crying all day and very uncomfortable, the teachers have tried to console him but he is very moody. That was when Rohan made his first friend, Mia.

Mia calmed him down and told him how it’ll all be okay, but how is it that Mia had a smooth first day while Rahul didn’t?

It all comes down to preparation. Let’s take a look at the preparation that took place in both the homes to see what their schedules went like, maybe we can find out what went wrong then!

Mia’s Home

happy parents

It’s a Sunday morning in her home, everyone is at home the whole day. It was T minus 8 days for Mia’s first day. There has been so much buzz in the house about the fact that little Mia was all grown up. Mia was also extremely happy to know how much her parents trusted her in doing little responsibilities like eating by herself to packing up her own bag. They even went shopping together to buy her school bag and clothes for nursery school! Mrs. Kapoor had a list put together and pinned to her refrigerator. In the past month she has cut out so many different things on the list. Mia gets so excited when she sees her mother strike one goal out of the list!

Let’s take a peek at her list:

Buying supplies asked for by nursery

Create independence

Start nursery rhymes

Encourage watering plants by herself

Play with Bruno

Rearrange naptime schedule

Potty train!

Drop Mia to her playdate 3 times a week

Help her pick out what she wants for lunch!

First day of nursery!

There you go- now you know the formula of what Mrs. Kapoor followed.

Rohan’s Abode

mom and son conflict

“I am worried about Rohan!!”, Mrs. Roy cried to her husband. “He is so little in the big world! He’s just not ready.. Maybe he needs to stay here and go nowhere!”. Now everyone involved in this story knows the importance of early childhood education. Rohan is 4 and needs to kick start his education. Mrs. Roy is a stay at home mom who hasn’t stayed a day apart from her son in the past 4 whole years.

This must be hard on both her and her son. She has been counting down the days till he has to go away and is dreading the day. Her son is now stuck to his mother 24/7 and it is a very hard process watching her struggle like this. She has no action plan but she wants what is best for her child.

Now you know, where she lacked in her preparation.


nursery school preps

You don’t have to have a full blown plan to introduce your child to the world of studying. The planning of activities for nursery kids are done according to set standards when you go to a good nursery school. One good pointer is that the nursery admission will have a planned way of introducing students to their classrooms and ask you to make the necessary preparations at home.

It can be something as simple as ensuring that they have an environment that encourages them to do new things. Trying out new things is important. And it is about time we, as parents, stand for our kids when they reach all their milestones and make all transitions big and small easy. After all, we love them enough to do what is right.

data on separation anxiety

Letting the little ones go out of sight for the first time can be difficult, even challenging. But having an action plan, like Mia’s mother had, can be very helpful. Remember suddenly severing attachments can be very hard on your child and not just that it is important to tell them how excited you are for their new milestone! That makes them more confident and fear-free.

Go shopping with them and ask them to pick out the supplies for their nursery so that they get excited to use it!

I hope this helped. Please reach out to us for any query you might have regarding your little one’s first schooling and we’ll be happy to be of assistance. Happy parenting.

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