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Even with all of your best efforts sometimes your child might not feel involved. Sometimes kids just don''t get along or have a falling out. Other times they feel left out by the other children in their lives. It all depends on your child and what makes them happy, but sometimes it''s a good idea to show a few tricks to help boost some confidence and make some new friends.



To make your child feel loved and involved:

1. Get them involved in a hobby outside of school. Kids can really open up and make friends with other people if they bond over something like sports or art. If your child doesn''t like any hobbies, take them to an art museum once a week until they find something that works for them.

2. Don''t do things for them which they can do on their own. Resist the urge to do things for your kids and encourage them to take responsibility. Allowing them to make small decisions will be proven valuable when your preschooler insists on doing something their way. 


3. Make it clear that you''re always there for support. Kids need to know that no matter what happens their parents will stick by their side and take care of them. They might lash out sometimes or just want to be alone, but assure your child that no matter what happens you''ll always love and support them unconditionally even if they don''t mean to. If this doesn''t help you might need to see a therapist about the behavior so it can be stopped.

4. Dedicate family time. You need to fix a family time where you and your child can bond like a real family. It can be anything, but try to make it fun. Take your child out for the day and make sure you spend some time alone with them. Your child might just need a more personal bond with you so this is important for their mental state.


5. Make new friends together. Take your child out to meet new people, let them talk to adults that they feel comfortable around who will not judge or criticize them because of how they are feeling about themselves. They might just need some guidance from outside sources so taking them out every now and again would help ease their mind.

6. Assign them some task- Sometimes assigning kids your task gives them a sense of responsibility and makes them feel important. It''s a nice gesture that can help your child in feeling important.


7. Give them some time to relax- Some children might not want you around all the time, they might need some space without worrying about what is happening at home or having someone who is worried constantly by their side. Giving children this sense of independence would make them feel fulfilled as if they are growing up no matter how emotionally stunted they may seem to be behaving sometimes.


8. Taking out children occasionally can help ease the burden on them if you are feeling tired too because parents have feelings too even though it''s more tiring usually. This will also make your child feel included and loved. 

9. Make sure they are aware of what''s happening- It''s more like you''re letting them know what you''re doing with your life too, not just the housework and things to do. They aren''t usually included in these activities but at least they''ll feel that there is some room for them there even if it''s just a little. For example, tell him how school went or if you did something fun on the weekend, get their opinion on it too so he feels an equal part of your life isn''t just around for food and shelter. In this way, you can ensure that your child feels included and trusted.


10. Stop talking down to him- When children see their parents act this way towards them, they will begin to think that they are inferior which would make them feel less important in the household. If you want your child to feel included, loved, and trusted, never talk them down. 

11. Make Time for your child- Don''t just talk down to them and expect things from them, take time out of your day to spend with them if you want them to feel important. Maybe you could play a game or two or even go do something fun together as a family. Whatever you decide to do, make sure it''s a conscious decision that everyone gets a say in.

12. Be there for your child- Everyone knows the saying ''absence makes the heart grow fonder'' but when talking about children it means so much more because they rely on their parents no matter what their age is and having an involved parent would make them feel as though he isn''t as alone as he thought he was. Remember this doesn''t mean you need to be there for him 24/7; kids need some time to themselves once in a while.

13. Make him feel included- When people get left out of activities it makes them feel like they aren''t wanted which can affect their confidence and their desire to want to do more fun things. Give your child the opportunity every now and then to join in on activities that everyone else in the family is doing, not just having something for him by himself or even with you. Keep your child occupied with  creative activities and games.




This might seem overwhelming but working on the right path will make sure that your kids feel included and loved always.

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