How to juggle between parenting and your job

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Healthy work life balance is necessary for your children, your personal relationship and most importantly you. Juggling between parenting and your job is not an easy task as it requires a high level of management skills to balance parenting and your job at the same time. From morning till night, you are always busy busting your brains on how to take care of  your little ones and making ends meet for the family.

For working moms who want both parenting and working at the same time, life has become more challenging than ever before. It requires a lot of patience and determination besides having lots of energy and strength to handle all responsibilities with ease.

A working mom needs to be strong enough to survive this difficult journey or else she could end up losing herself in the process.

To make parenting easier and effective, here are some tips on how to juggle parenting and your job:

1-Accept that parenting is a full-time responsibility:

Parenting is a full-time commitment that needs to be taken seriously. A mom cannot abandon her kid for the sake of her job because she will never forgive herself if something bad happened to her child while she was away from him/her. So when you''re given the chance to work outside, always remember who comes first in your life.

 2-Being home all day long is very tiring:

Homebound moms have to take care of their children all day long which can be very exhausting and even stressful at times. It''s the primary reason why parenting is often considered a tough job.

3-Manage your time:

 The key to managing parenting and your job is all about time. Spend quality time with your children so that they feel involved. You just have to set aside some time for both things in your life so that you won''t feel overwhelmed by them later on.

4-Take advantage of technology:

Technology today has made it possible for moms who work outside their homes to stay connected with their families. There are now several apps that enable video chatting, sending messages and photos through smartphones and tablets anytime and anywhere making it easy for working moms to check on their children when they''re not around 


5-Solicit parenting help: 

You can''t manage everything alone all the time. Other parenting partners such as your spouse or grandparents should pitch in and assist you to make parenting much easier for you. Even when you think you’ve got it covered, don’t hesitate to ask for help or suggestions. Share Your chores with other family members and hold them accountable for it. This will help you reduce your household workload.


6-Set aside money for parenting expenses: 

Raise your children without worrying about how you will pay for their needs. The best way to do this is by setting aside a small amount from each of your paychecks or putting aside part of what you earn every month until you''ve reached a good amount that would take care of most parenting expenses (if not all)

7-Educate yourself and stay updated with parenting trends:

Parenting today has evolved into something more than just taking care of our kids'' physical needs. There''s so much more to parenting than just feeding, clothing, and housing our children. Enroll them for online workshops that will enhance their clarity with day-to-day concepts. Also provide them with various learning kits available to make your child learn at home in a fun loving way.

8- Understand parenting styles:

Parenting is not one-size-fits-all. Every child has different needs that you should take into consideration when parenting him or her. Understand the needs and requirements of your child while covering your expectations too. Don''t get into the peer pressure of your fellow parents and keep things going at your own pace.

9-Be careful on the things you say to your child:

No matter how little it may be, saying the wrong words can inflict deep wounds in your kid''s heart that they might carry for life. Try to maintain a positive and healthy way of communication with your child.


10-Set your own parenting rules

You are their role model, so what kind of lifestyle do you want them to have? Establish your parenting rules before it''s too late because once you''ve established a certain set of boundaries for yourself, it won''t be easy. Initially you may not feel comfortable because you fear that it may upset your child. We need to remind ourselves from time to time that setting boundaries for kids is necessary.

11-Decide on parenting tools :

There are three key parenting rules- communication ,  discipline, and problem solving. You have to decide which one you want to use, when and most importantly how to use it. Involve your spouse so they also know what you''re going to do and can help  you out whenever needed.


 12-Accept there will be bumps along the parenting journey:

I''m sure that despite having a parenting plan or map of some sort, there will be bumps that might make you feel like parenting was a waste of time. If this situation occurs, try thinking about it from another perspective--what''s the best way for your kid? Focusing too much on yourself won''t bring you anywhere anyways.



You might feel overwhelmed with your work as well as parenting expectations, but it is normal to do so. The parenting journey is indeed more stressful than expected, but there are ways to juggle between parenting and your job. By just having the right parenting tips and knowing how to prioritize, parenting will be easier for you!


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