How to improve your kid’s cognitive skills?

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  2. Cognitive development in the preoperational stage
  3. We can help our preschoolers in improving their cognitive skills
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We all want our kids to grow up to be smart, successful, and emotionally intelligent beings. This is a very crucial age when our kids started learning, exploring things and figuring out the world around them. Various cognitive skills develop as kids get older and achieve developmental milestones. Active learning can significantly benefit a child’s cognitive skills. In this blog, we will discuss how we can improve our child’s cognitive skills and help them achieve their milestones.


Cognitive development in the preoperational stage:

Kids during the age 2-7  is considered to be in the preoperational stage where they start understanding the things symbolically and  become more aware of the external events. During this stage they develop memory,logic, reasoning and imagination.


Kids develop skills and personalities the way builders and engineers construct a building. They start with the foundation and base. What is built on that foundation at different stages of development determines how well-built and secured the structure is. In the same way, what values were instilled in childhood will decide what kind of personality the kid develops in future. To instill good values, cognitive development plays a major part.

Here are the ways


We can help our preschoolers in improving their cognitive skills:

1. Find opportunities to engage in games and conversation with your kids. This can help in developing prosocial behaviors by fostering a sense of collaboration with others.

2. Parents can expand their child’s communication and narration skills by encouraging reading and sketching habits. This will improve their creative thinking.

3. Playing board games with your kids is also beneficial. It introduces the concept of rules and strengthens their counting skills. 


4. We must target the thinking skills that need to be enhanced. Art projects can help boost kids’ imagination and lateral thinking. Allow your kid to use their imagination and creativity to solve the problem. By exploring challenges and testing the limits, they can tune their decision-making skills and find different solutions for the problem.

5. Teamwork and critical thinking are essential skills that your child must learn. The ability to take in and process new information to implement it in life when the time comes. Teamwork helps the kids understand the importance of perseverance, adaptability and good communication. This helps them to enhance their critical thinking. 


6. Encourage the curiosity of kids: Curiosity comes naturally to kids. This ability helps children to learn and retain information. Whenever your kid questions something, always give them a constructive response. Never ignore their questions. When you support their curiosity  and answer their questions, they become more observant and explore more opportunities to learn about the world around them.

7. Offer choices to your children:  “Would you like to wear the red shirt  or the  yellow one?” or “Would you like curry or yogurt in  your lunch?”  This is the way you can help your kids feel more independent and learn to make decisions.It helps them feel like they have some control over their life and decisions matter. It is very important to develop decision making skills in your child.

8. Motivate them to play with imagination: when your child is pretending to be someone or something else, or playing with an object that is not specifically the toys and pretending it’s something else, they’re engaging in imaginative play which is a very crucial part in cognitive development.

 Have you noticed your kid often makes a blanket fort with chairs and covers it with sheets? Or turning a giant cardboard box into a bank, clubhouse, a boat, or an aircraft?  There’s no limit to what your kid can make up during imaginative play. They can pretend to be a superhero and save the world, or act out scenarios they observe in their everyday life and mimic you. All this imaginative play makes your kid more creative.

9. Enhance their critical thinking: We need to teach our kid to analyze, compare and make inferences from the information they gather. To enhance their critical thinking, we should ask them open-ended questions and wait for their response.By answering the questions , you can help their curious mind to relate the concepts with the real world. This exercise helps the kids develop hypotheses, navigate the problem and make decisions. It not only enhances their critical thinking but also results in improving their cognitive development.

10. Practice making choices:  Children will often learn through trial and error. Give them a say in how they want to spend their time. We need to coach them about making a healthy choice.Talking about dealing issues like bullying and peer pressure is also important.




Improving cognitive skills, intellectual development and critical mindset are important life skills that we can impart to our kids to thrive and survive in today’s information-saturated world. These abilities help our child in their academic, professional and personal life by helping them in better decision making, forming healthy relationships and determining their ethics. If you find this blog helpful,

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