Every kid has the ability to learn new things faster than us as they are curious all the time. It is the best time when parents can help them develop the skills they need to face their day-to-day life with confidence and self-esteem. In schools nowadays, the kids are exposed to a particular patterned form of learning. 

These days, school learning is only focused on making the children get good grades. Their critical thinking and creativity are shunned. It is very important for your child to develop critical and creative skills to solve problems placed before them. This blog will guide you to know more about critical and creative thinking skills and to learn how you can help your kids develop these essential skills.

What is critical and creative thinking skills?

What are critical and creative thinking skills?

Critical thinking is the ability to find logical reasoning by observing, analyzing, reflecting on a situation, experiencing, evaluating the ideas in mind, and approaching the problem in a more practical way. 

Meanwhile, creative thinking is the ability to find solutions to a problem through new ways of thinking. A creative thinker always tries to find a solution to the problem with ‘out-of-the-box ideas. It helps us to think in an open and innovative manner. 

Both critical and creative thinking are separated by a thin line, but they have the same goal. These basic skills are necessary for every kid who wants to become a strong individual in this competitive world.

Some examples of critical and creative thinking skills

The impotence of thinking skills in problem-solving

Critical and creative thinking skills have the same goal, which is to solve a problem. But only the way of thinking is different in both. Let us see some examples on how these skills are used to solve the same problem in different ways!

Critical thinking

  • A student solving a mathematics problem with all the formulas, equations, and proper steps.
  • Proving a theory in science, knowing the answer but finding evidence to support the result.

Creative thinking

  • Solving mathematics problems can be done in different ways. There are always many methods to solve a problem.
  • Proving a scientific theory through practical models, experiments, and finding whether it gives the same result as the theory. 

How parents can help kids to develop critical and creative thinking skills

 Why playing is important to develop creative thinking

Provide opportunities

                 Introduce your kids to games, like puzzles, compare and contrast, and chess. Allowing them to play will cheer them in finding solutions because while playing they are moving to the next level after solving it. Brain games and playing assist them to generate new ideas. It will kindle the imagination and develop the thinking skills of your kid. Play with them, so that you can understand their innovative ways of thinking.

Do not stop them

                As kids, their brain is filled with questions. If we take a kid for a walk, he/she wants to know about everything around them. They ask questions like “Why are the trees so tall?” and “Where are we going?” Don’t hesitate to answer the questions. It will encourage them to question everything and it will help them develop their critical and creative skills.

Be patient

                When your kid is struggling to come to a conclusion, do not give them solutions immediately. It will make their task easier and their thought process will be interrupted. It will restrict their creativity. Be patient and give them time to come up with solutions on their own. 

 How to develop critical thinking in kids

Hints and clues

                 If you want to help your kid, then instead of giving them direct answers, give them hints and clues which lead them to the answers. Ask them open-ended questions. Questions like  “What are the other probable solutions?”, “What could be your conclusion if you are in a similar situation?”, to make them curious and think about the possible conclusions.

It’s okay to fail

               Teach them that it is okay for them to fail in their attempts to solve a problem. If you insist on getting the solutions immediately, it will make them nervous which blocks their thinking. They will hesitate to try the next time. They should realize that every failure is a learning. 

Why parent-child bonding is important for a child’s development

Parent-child bonding

                The most important thing that can be of great help is your bond, as a parent, with your child. You, as a parent, should encourage their ways of thinking. You should not expect them to think like you, as everyone’s thinking pattern is different and the perspectives may vary a lot. Asking them for opinions can help them confidently approach a problem because they know that their thoughts are valued. 


Creative and critical thinking skills play an important role in a person’s life. It is your responsibility to make your kids develop these skills so that they can innovatively and actively participate in their daily activities. They can face any problems in their life calmly and without depending on anyone. So, take part in your child’s development by following the above-mentioned ways to develop and encourage critical and creative thinking in your kids. 

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