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How to build the habit of reading daily in kids?

Hop onto my magical carpet, let me take you on a journey of learning and discovery! We’ll learn new things together! Ready? We can start from the land of fairy tales to the roaring seven seas and sailing in them!

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When started at a young age, it is proven by research that consistency can help your child be a frequent reader throughout life. And a frequent reader is always known to be knowledgeable and excel in everything they do.

Learning to read is an adventure and everyone is invited. All you gotta do is grab your nearest book and sit down with us. We’ll tell you everything you need to know about why reading books is a form of smart learning and is also a very important learning strategy when implemented at a young age!

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Every good habit starts with difficulty, start young. Start young because it is easier in facilitating learning in children. Young children grasp important concepts and information faster after all! Plus books are food for the soul and mind. And here’s the good part, you can actually start from as early as 1 year olds. And this is how you implement it:


Reading stems from listening. Storytelling at bedtime is very important, it helps in inducing critical thinking and feeding curiosity. This helps in a two way relationship because it helps your child be put to sleep while also helping them slowly remember words and increase their vocabulary.


Introduce word games as a form of play and then introduce them to books so they can read sentences. This will help them have the sense of accomplishment and need to read more books! Take them to your local library or bookstore and get them acquainted with the world of literary marvel. Doing so will help them establish what they would like to read and this could be a game where your child picks out the book he loves and finishes it.


Learning for kids doesn’t always have to be boring, introducing reading in the everyday schedule for your child can help alot. Reading helps in boosting your child’s knowledge on a subject as well. They can also slowly progress to reading newspapers everyday. Again they do not have to read everything on it. Instead they can read what catches their eye! Even if it is that means that they only read the sports section or the fashion or maybe even the comic section!

Who doesn’t love a good comic anyways!

What are the benefits of daily reading habits in kids?

Reading for kids

Reading has multiple benefits including helping your child strengthen their brain. And this is confirmed by science! It is said that when under an MRI scan, different parts of the brain immediately light up when the child is introduced to exciting storybooks. There is also an increase in brain connectivity in the somatosensory cortex, or the part of the brain that deals with pain and movement.

Another benefit can be how it is a great stress buster, be it for your child or for yourself. Reading can lower stress levels by a lot. Even thirty minutes of spending on learning to read or reading can help in lowering blood pressure, heart rate, fatigue and many other dangerous ailments. This is almost the same level of decrease that can be brought upon by yoga and humor!

Never judge a book by its cover, your child may learn an important lesson or life skill from that book that didn’t look appealing enough on the outside. So what you can do is make your child understand the need to pick books that help them learn something or inspire them to do better. Reading such books daily can help them maintain a positive attitude and mindset and can also help your child have a deeper understanding of the subjects they like.

The Full Stop

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All in all reading is something that must be encouraged for both young and old. It is a habit that cannot have ill effects and can teach you so much. You can never have enough information. Learning must never stop no matter how old you are. You can always teach an old dog new tricks. And why stress about travelling the whole world when the whole world, or at least a part of it, can easily live in your bookshelf.

So what are you waiting for? Grab that book and start a new good habit this week! You can even chronicle your reading adventures in a journal. Doing so can help you trace back to books you’ve read before and we promise you, that is satisfying!

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