Holistic development of child during preschool

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  1. Introduction
  2. The following are the five key areas of holistic development
  3. Here are the following tips, Parents can follow to ensure the holistic development of kids
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Developing a child''s intellectual, mental, physical, emotional, and social skills to  connect with the world around them and learn in a way that is different from the conventional form of schooling. This concept of Holistic Learning helps a child to reach his/her full potential.


Every child is unique and possesses personality traits, interests, preferences, values, attitudes, strengths, and weaknesses that are different from others. Sparklebox school designs an educational curriculum that focuses on the comprehensive approach of learning that helps your child find their unique place in the world. Conventional education focuses on the intellectual development only but holistic learning


The following are the five key areas of holistic development:

1. Physical development – Developing motor skills.  

It is important for a child to engage  in gross motor activities that include climbing, jumping, and running. Psychomotor activities that include a wide range of fine motor movements that happen in response to conscious learning from five senses – mostly from sight, touch, and hearing.

2. Social skills – Learning the effective way of interaction.

3. Emotional understanding – learn to express emotions , fears and thoughts  in a healthy way


It involves the development of interpersonal abilities to understand what other people feel. It emphasizes building relationships.It also includes development of social competencies and abilities to interact and communicate with others, working in a team, coordination, and cooperation with others.

4. Intellectual development – cognitive, creativity and acquiring skills for learning.

Development of the skills and ability to learn from information and experiences is very crucial. It is also important to improve abstract thinking skills  that include the understanding of the  concepts, ideas, principles, and objects which are non-verbal or not physically present.For the holistic development of a child, they need to develop comprehensive  abilities to understand and comprehend written and verbal information.

Development of logical and analytical thinking ability  that involve analyzing reasons and understanding the causes behind events and situations and ability to  examine concepts, ideas, problems, and issues.


5. Spiritual development – building moral values and ethics

It is important for children to develop a sense of self and responsibility towards others .Parents should teach children to take care of the environment outside of the home and encourage your child to respect and enjoy his belongings.


Here are the following tips, Parents can follow to ensure the holistic development of kids:

1. Parents can up-skill their kids in the mother language as well as a secondary language like English through talking. This skill not only makes them polyglot but also increases grey matter in certain parts of the brain.


2. You can  teach them how to deal with problems like the fight they have with their friends. You can buy them toys and games that will enhance their thinking processes like puzzle boxes or board games.Play games that enhance their critical creative skills , show them informative learning shows, and most importantly, let them ask you questions about anything that makes them curious. 

3. To ensure holistic development in kids, teachers  should ensure that their teaching style should be different from conventional style of teaching. They should focus on imparting knowledge rather than just theory, and teach kids to be innovative and creative.


4. Parents can teach their kids about hygiene, good manners, and etiquette like respecting others,  use social opportunities like family gatherings and weekend lunches to instill manners and etiquette in kids so that these values will become a habitual part of their lives.



Education is not only about getting good grades and being the topper in a class. It is about holistic development and enhancing the social, and analytical skills of the child. Today the trend of considering grades and degrees to hire for a job has lost its relevance. In the present scenario, the skills of a person are given priority. So, to ensure the holistic development of the kids.  Children learn quickly when they are interested and curious about what they are doing and how they are doing. Hence, it is crucial for parents and caregivers to understand what makes a child attracted to a certain activity. In the teacher-parent relationship then the development of the child is seen to be enhanced if the efforts are taken in the right direction. It makes the child confident, builds self-esteem which helps them to face the world filled with challenges.

When we integrate a holistic perspective in the process of the development of the child, we are supporting the entire being of each child by letting them have the best chance of a righteous life, because we are considering the full spectrum of their physical, social, emotional, cognitive, and behavioral  development. 

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