DIY Techniques to Make Gifts for Kids More Creative

Kids love gifts. Be it an automated car or just a box of chocolates on their birthday, the idea of giving something with love to children is what makes them truly happy! Gift for kids is not just a way to give them something they have always wanted. It’s also about showing them that you as parents care for them deeply and you show that love and care towards them through gifts. 

 wrapping gifts for kids in paper

9 Ways to Make Gifts for Kids Look More Creative

To add a personal touch to your gifts for kids, we have a few DIY techniques which you can use to make the gift look more creative than just wrapped in paper! 

1. Making use of recycled items for gifts

One of the best ways to make gifts for kids look creative is by using recycled items. For example, you can give your kid a nice pair of socks that you have knitted yourself from woollen sweaters or even old t-shirts. This will not only save money but also help in reducing environmental waste and greenhouse gases!

handmade socks for kids

Using recycled material to make personalised gifts for kids is not only eco-friendly but also cheap and easy! For example, you can take an old jar or container that didn't have any lid or be broken. You can cut it into half and give the outer part as your kid's new pencil box. Then put some paper sheets inside so they don't get their school supplies dirty.

2. Making use of handmade cards

Don't underestimate the power of handmade cards! Even though most children these days are used to getting electronic presents like tablets and cell phones, there's no harm in giving them a handmade card every now and then. It helps remind us that simple things like handwritten notes mean just as much to our loved ones as expensive gadgets do! Plus it encourages creativity which we all know.

handmade birthday card gifts for kids

3. Use stickers

Stickers are not just for kids; they're great fun for adults too. Do you know how you can never have enough? Well, surprise your child by using them on their presents now and then. Not only do the colourful stickers make it more difficult to rip open a present, but they also help add some excitement to an otherwise boring box of crayons or pencils. Kids love the variety that stickers bring – one day this shape, another time that colour etc. - so use this creative tip wisely!

 add stickers to gifts for kids

4. Make use of magnets when decorating gifts with children

Magnets hold things together which is why we need the use of them to stick the colourful stickers on a present. But if you're going for a more sophisticated design, then try using magnets as part of your gift-making process instead! For example, use small round or square ceramic beads and glue two thin pieces of strong magnet behind each one so that they form a heart shape with their magnetic fields. You can also make magnets from household materials like glass marbles which have been painted blue and spray-painted silver – these will look great when used together in multiples.

5. Use cardboard and other fancy material for the gift wrapping

This is a great tip to make gifts for kids more lovable. By using cardboards and fancy material for gift wrapping you can make it more interesting for kids.

 cardboard gift boxes for kids

6. Give a personal touch to the gifts

You can add a personal touch to your gifts for kids by writing their names on them. This will make them feel special. You can also write a few lines for them on a note and stick it on the gift box!

7. Use old magazines, comics, or books as gift wrap paper

By using a sheet of comic book print origami-style paper with the words “Hello” printed in red ink, you can get creative when it comes to making kids’ gifts more lovable. You may also use recycled newspapers or sheets from an old atlas – this is a great way to recycle materials and make your gift for kids look eye-catching!

newspaper wrapping gifts for kids

8. Make use of household items in your gift-making process

If you're looking for ways to be creative, try making children's gifts from items that would otherwise end up being thrown away! For example, take an old shoebox or cereal box and cover them with pretty wrapping paper – this will look like a brand new container with the bonus of giving something back into the environment too! 

turn shoebox into gifting box

If you want to get crafty then consider covering some pieces of scrap wood with stickers - this could then be used to make blocks for a little one's toy box or maybe even an alphabet set!

9. Add some play to the gifts

This can be done by including an activity kit with everything that's needed for engaging and fun games such as painting books and coloured pencils; simple toys like crayons can also be included. You could make this yourself by buying plain white colouring book pages from a store specializing in scrapbooking materials. Then use permanent markers to draw out cool patterns onto each page before adding stickers of things kids love (such as animals or cartoon characters). Kids will love these gifts!


We hope that it helps make giving gifts for kids more enjoyable and personal! It’s not too late to give them something they will cherish now or later on down the line. Putting in personal notes or cards also help children understand and develop the feelings of care and empathy. They learn to appreciate others' efforts and may even feel encouraged to do the same for the ones they love.

Which one of these creative tips have you used before?

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