Gifted Children - The Signs to Look Out For

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Is my toddler gifted? This is a question that many parents ask themselves when their child displays certain traits. For example, if your child can learn new words quickly and easily or is constantly pointing out patterns in everyday life, you might be raising a gifted child. There are some signs to look for, such as being advanced academically or intellectually at an early age. However, other signs can indicate giftedness, too, including having high self-esteem and being sensitive. In this blog post, we will cover the eight most common signs of gifted children so that you know what to look for!


Who are gifted children?

Gifted children have an intellectual or gifted ability that is higher than the average. While there is no one-size-fits-all definition of giftedness, in general, gifted children display advanced academic or intellectual skills at a younger age than others their age. For example, gifted children might be able to learn new words more easily, read at a higher level than others their age, or grasp concepts more quickly.

Gifted children might also show an unusual interest in specific topics and may want to spend all day learning about them! They are often gifted with creativity, which means they can think outside the box when solving problems.



What signs should I look for if my child is gifted?

The following eight common signs will tell you whether your toddler is gifted:

1. Gifted children have high self-esteem.

They are gifted with an uncanny amount of confidence. This means they have a healthy sense of who they are and what their strengths and weaknesses may be (i.e., gifted children know when to ask for help).


2. Gifted children are intelligent

Gifted kids often excel in the areas where others lack talent. For example, talented children might find it easier than other kids to learn new words or read at higher levels because they can grasp concepts faster. They also tend to think about things differently, so gifted toddlers demonstrate creativity!

3. Gifted children use advanced vocabulary

These gifted toddlers are often more advanced than their peers in vocabulary, spelling, and reading. For example, talented children might know the correct spelling of words they haven''t seen before or be able to read books that are above their grade level! Sometimes gifted toddlers will use words like ''predictable'' or ''explain.'' You might notice gifted children using too big sentences for their age.

4. Gifted kids process information differently

It''s not uncommon to see gifted toddlers demonstrating what is called a ''hyperlexia''- where they read with meaning before being able to speak in complete sentences. Gifted children might also skip over certain letters when reading and can often be found reciting phone numbers from memory by the time they''re three years old!


5. Gifted children express strong feelings

Gifted children tend to have strong feelings and express themselves with great intensity. This can signify that your gifted toddler feels frustrated or emotional about something they care deeply about. A gifted child might also act out in extreme ways if their needs are not being met- this could range from throwing objects around the room. He''s upset about refusing to eat because he doesn''t want his food touching.

6. Gifted children are always curious

Gifted kids have an intense curiosity that never seems satisfied- gifted toddlers often can read by the age of three and will typically ask many questions about everything they see or hear. They may also quickly memorize phone numbers at a young age without being prompted.

7. Gifted children try to be perfect at everything

Gifted children often need to be the best at everything they do and will put in an extra effort. If they don''t feel like any of their work is perfect, they''ll repeat it repeatedly until they''re satisfied.


8. Gifted children have a natural music/art ability

Gifted children often have natural music or artistic ability. They''ll be able to quickly pick up tunes and melodies; they might teach themselves how to play an instrument without any musical training.

9. Gifted children are optimistic

Gifted children tend to be very optimistic. They have an innate belief that they can do anything and succeed at everything, no matter how daunting the task might seem. It also means gifted children will generally have high expectations of success. Though they tend to get frustrated when things don''t go according to their plan, they''ll still make an optimistic plan.




Gifted children are gifted for a reason. They have the potential to change our world and make it better; they need an opportunity. Anyone can be gifted if given a chance! If you notice any of these signs, your toddler could be practised!

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