Fun Learning Activities for 2 Year Olds

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Parents want the best for their kids and kids’ learning activities are a very important part of childhood. We all remember learning how to read, write, and count when we were young. But engaging kids in bookish activities to make them learn can be uninteresting for them. Children as young as 2 year old look for the fun factor in almost everything they do! So why not incorporate the same in learning activities for 2 year olds? 



12 Learning Activities for 2-year-Olds

1. Play Dress Up: Children have remarkable imagination skills! So encourage pretend play or make believe activities for 2 year olds to help them explore their creative side. Dressing up kids could be one such fun activity! Kids love to dress up and pretend they are superheroes, princesses, police officers, or anything else that comes to mind!

2. Read Books: Reading with your child is one of the most important learning activities for 2 year olds. Your child will learn so much through books. You can even make learning activities really fun by acting out the characters in your storybook or changing the tone of your voice according to different situations in the story. 


3. Board Games:  Playing board games is one of the learning activities for 2-year-old kids that can teach them teamwork. These are an excellent way to help children practice math, reading, and critical thinking skills. For instance, if you plan to play Ludo on a weekend with your kids, it will teach them about colours and counting while trying hard to beat other players!

4. Sidewalk Chalk: Sidewalk chalk is one of the learning activities that kids love to do with their parents. It''s an awesome way for kids to express themselves creatively, and there are so many learning opportunities when they use sidewalk chalk. Kids can practice writing letters in a fun new way, learn about shapes and colors while drawing, or even practice to read.

5. Building Blocks:  Blocks are quite one of the best activities for 2 year olds. They''re perfect for children to build spatial awareness skills! Building blocks can be used in so many ways - they make a great addition to learning activities for toddlers, preschoolers and kindergartners.You can learn to count, identify colours, put your imagination to use by building structures of your choice, learn how to balance objects - all while having great fun for hours!


6. Hide Toys: This learning activity is a great way to work on spatial awareness, problem-solving skills and fine motor development. Plus, kids will have fun coming up with new hiding places for their favorite toys! To make it even more challenging, try making this learning activity toddler-friendly by giving your child three chances to find the toy! 

7. Popsicle Stick Puzzles: In addition to learning about colors, shapes and fine motor skills, kids will be learning about spatial awareness and problem solving with these learning activities for 2 year olds. You can take a few popsicle sticks and paint them with one alphabet on each stick and jumble them together. Ask your child to arrange them correctly. You can perform this exercise with the help of numbers too!

8. Sorting Toys: Toys remain scattered everywhere especially when you have an active toddler in the house. Next time you see a pile of it, don’t sort it out on your own! Involve your 2 year old in the process and ask them to sort it based on either size, colour, big or small. Sorting activities for 2 year olds teach them a lot about organizing objects, keeping the room neat and tidy.

9. Colorful Stick Puzzles: Colour each popsicle stick into different shades and ask your child to identify the colour. This can be a very interesting activity to try out and test your child’s knowledge of all the colours taught to her!


10. Shape Sorting Cups: Learning activities for 2 year olds involving sorting and classifying are great for their development! This activity can be done alone or together with your child to teach them how to sort different shapes by color.

11. Imagine a Boat: Another act of imagination can be this. Ask your child to imagine they are going on a boat ride. Now go through the things that they might require while on a boat - it could be a life jacket, a torch, some sandwiches, etc. 

12. Play Simon Says: This learning activity is great for 2 years old to learn about following instructions. 



The conclusion of this blog post is to encourage parents and caregivers that their children are ready for learning. There are so many ways to teach your 2-year-old while having fun, starting with simply playing! You can also read books together or sing songs, which will help develop memory skills and listening comprehension in addition to teaching them new vocabulary words. We hope these activities offer you the opportunity to spend quality time with your little one through playtime - happy parenting!

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